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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beauty Dilemma II: Jill Stuart Moist Silk Liquid Foundation vs. Shu Uemura Face Architect Fluid Foundation

Okay so P&J Foundie is out of the picture, thanks so much to the ladies who have given me great advice ^.^
Today I called up Shu Uemura Rockwell branch to inquire if they're willing to give 2-3 squirts of their liquid foundation and they declined to give me any; I have to test it in their counter but I couldn't take a bit home to test it on my normal day and see how it goes .

That's a bit of a turn off for me, majority of my products sitting on my dresser are Shu Uemura products and it's becoming ugly to look at it because of the bad memory it gives me =(

So I am searching for another alternative and one liquid foundie cropped up

Jill Stuart's Moist Silk Liquid Foundation

I'm not sure if this is more liquid-y (yey!) or creamy (nay!), I have been searching the internet for reviews but I didn't find a lot except one which gave it a good review:

I hope it would be okay to ask my dear followers who live in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan or Korea who have tried Jill Stuart's Moist Silk Foundation and kindly let me know if this is greasy or more like water on skin. I want a liquid foundation that would withstand the Philippine tropical weather so I'm more of a watery liquid foundie gal.
Should I go for the Jill Stuart Tint Liquid Foundation instead? I'm a bit clueless =p scratch that, I'm really clueless haha!

I'm planning to put this on my shopping basket, pick all of my orders at once and save transportation money going to Makati because I'm ordering from the lovely Ms. Airvony the following:

Spring collection Jewel Crystal Eyes: the lovely palette design has been revamped for a rocker feel!

I'm glad I waited because I'm getting the palette in this shade:

Jill Stuart Pure Lasting Make Up Base
This one thing I'm also not sure of, has anybody tried this yet? How is it?
Of all the make up products I have owned I do not own a single primer so I want to try Jill Stuart's Make Up Base ^.^

Hay... Make up dilemmas, I never run out of them... =p


  1. I have tried Clinique Super Fit in No 5. I got it at clinique counter. may be u can try, they are more obliging.
    The foundation is Oil free and water base, very good for humid weather like Malaysia / Philipines. On my super oily skin also good. Need to blot during mid day.

  2. Ooh... Thanks for the suggestion! It's great help, foundation is a bit tricky for our humid weather ^.^ Aw... I'll give Clinique Super Fit a try when I'm done with Jill Stuart, it's coming to me soon! ^.^

  3. I'm using a sample of the JS primer. So far so good... spf 15, so it's great for me. Does not control oil though. Powder foundation goes on smoothly. I don't like the scent... like plastic, IMO. Not sure if I'll get it. Might want to consider other Japanese brands.

  4. @Cath thanks for the feedback on JS primer!! ^.^ I've been searching high and low for a review... I'm getting JS primer because it's bundled in a Mother's Day promo set in Taiwan, I'll definitely see how it goes! <3