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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Beauty Dilemma: Paul and Joe Light Cream Foundation S or Shu Uemura Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foundation??

I'm having a bit of a dilemma here, now that my BRTC BB Cream is running out I'm scouring beauty counters for liquid foundation. Initially I really wanted to get Paul and Joe Light Cream Foundation S because I've heard a lot of great things about Paul and Joe foundations and the packaging serves as a cute display on my dresser.

I acquired 2-3 pumps of Paul and Joe Light Cream Foundation S sample two days ago so it was great I got to use it for 2-3 times also with my stippling brush. However the SA gave me a shade very dark for my skin tone, he gave me shade 31 when I would be on the shades 00 to 01 only. I became very tan and it looks so obvious on my skin.

I also found Paul and Joe quite oily and heavy- I'm not sure if it's just the container I brought which is the Diorsnow moisturizing cream but I can remember I wiped and sanitized it clean.

Today is the second day of trying Paul and Joe and a zit came out on my forehead. I just hope it's just me and not the foundation =( I really want to acquire this but if it really wouldn't work on my skin then I won't push it.

I was meaning to ask for 2-3 pumps of Shu Uemura's Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foundation too when I got the Paul and Joe but the SA in Rustan's denied to give me any sample at all because it is Rustan's protocol not to give out any sample. I don't get it how it hurts them to give their paying patrons customers a mere 2-3 pumps of the product from their testing counters when Paul and Joe happily gave me some. Sephora also gives small amounts of product samples just so you could test it out for a couple of days which is the right thing to provide for consumers.

Anyway Shu Uemura in Glorietta told to to go to Rockwell instead because they could give me the 2-3 pumps of foundation I'm asking for.

I tested Shu Uemura Foundation on the counter and it was quite watery but it feels a lot lighter than Paul and Joe. Despite the bad customer treatment- I have another bad experience on the same day but I'm trying to keep negative vibes out of the way.

It seems like I would like to check out Rockwell's Shu Uemura and get a couple of shades to test on and eventually purchase one when I find my perfect match. Hopefully I won't break out from Shu Uemura.

But yeah I'm still deliberating between Shu Uemura and Paul and Joe =p
Kindly let me know what you think, it might help me decide especially those who own the two foundations...
Thanks a bunch ladies! =)


  1. forget about p&j. their foundation is a waste of moolah. i have shu uemura before, the face architect in a jar. it lasts longer and dries to a semi- matte finish, unlike the p&j which makes my face greasy, which i think is worse than being oily. :p

  2. a big no no to P&J for foundations, they looked unnatural when I tried on my face, i have Shu Uemura and it's like second-skin :) but it's matte of course! :D

  3. I would prefer Shu Uemura over Paul & Joe, and I have no hesitations going to their boutique in Powerplant Mall :)

    Paul & Joe is more suited to colder climates, and those with lighter, neutral skintones compared to Shu's Face Architect, which has a wider range of shades and it's not too thick :)

  4. Oooh looks like Shu is winning! Now I want to try that out too! I've always been tempted by Paul & Joe too because of the packaging. Do update us on what you choose to get and how it will work for you!:)

  5. Haha! Yeah it seems like Shu is winning ^.^ Aw... I called up Shu Uemura in Rockwell but Shu's not willing to give me 2-3 squirts of their foundation too, it's in Shu Uemura's policy not to give any amount of sample... Is it? =( It's a bit of turn off for me so I'm discouraged to go to Rockwell now... Sob!

    How about Jill Stuart's Moist Silk Liquid Foundation? I think I'm eyeing that one, Shu Uemura is now giving me bad memories

  6. Hi there! Try Shu Uemura at Rustan's Shangrila Mall. I purchased the Face Arch Liquid Foundation in 774 there. The SA was so sweet. He helped me pick out a sample container (pill box) so he could give me more foundie samples. i'm planning to get face arch remodeling cream next. IMO, its sooo much better than the liquid. Good Luck on your quest! - Trisha Alsua, Lurker

  7. Hi Trisha! =) Ooh Shang's Shu Uemura is nicer! Yeah it's correct if they give out samples so the customers could test which foundation is right for them but Shu products works great for me as always...

    I'm tempted to get the liquid foundie now! <3