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Friday, January 8, 2010

Etude House Stippling Brush Review

Yipee! I've got the ever elusive Etude House Duo Fiber Brush!
The night I'm leaving for Hong Kong, J Lee of Etude House texted me to inform me that my order of stippling brush arrived in SM Megamall, I texted to kindly request that they reserve the stippling brush for me and I'll claim it when I come back from Hong Kong because it would be quite unpractical to travel all the way to Megamall and hurry back to pack up for Hong Kong.

When I came back I learned through Girltalk that EH stippling brush is out of stock, I thought they didn't really reserve one for me so I decided not to travel to Megamall until one Girltalker pointed out that EH informed them that there are some stippling brushes reserved. I decided to go and find out if one is indeed reserved for me even if I was still deadbeat tired from walking and travelling 24/7 in Hong Kong.

Yipee! They did reserve one for me! ^.^

I bought Etude House Duo Fiber Brush for Php428.00
This photo is taken after several washes and you'll see black goat hair sticking out already but that's okay.

The bristles are soft and it doesn't prick your skin when used with powder products but when you're using liquid foundation the bristles pricks the skin unless you're planning to use this the way you're normally using a liquid foundation brush.

Compared to MAC 187, Etude House stippling brush's white bristles is firmer so it doesn't sway when you stipple it on your face but the white bristles do look more synthetic and plastic-y than MAC 187 which looks more natural hair than synthetic (though both are truly synthetic)

Etude House Duo Fiber Brush is indeed travel friendly, it is just almost the size of my hand and yet foundation application is a breeze.

The handle is actually quite heavy which is comparable to the feel you'll get from MAC brushes ^.^

Update: I think the stippling brush is still out of stock and according to Eleonor (the cashier) they are still not sure when the brushes would arrive from Korea but it is for sure they will replenish their stocks.


  1. Mmvery pretty! Is the stippling brush for blush and/or illuminators?

  2. I went there this Monday and it was out of stock. I didn't ask when the next batch of stocks will be arriving, but I left my number with them so I'll know when to go back. Thanks for the review, by the way

  3. @ Lizz I think this can be used for blushes like how Pammy of uses it.

    I think this could be used with illuminating products too as long as you don't stipple it on your face and swivel it instead so as not to pack too much highlighter on an area ^.^

  4. @ Tish I went there this Tuesday and indeed nothing is on the brush stand... They took mine out of the cabinet, I think they will keep their promise of informing when the stocks would come ^.^

    No problem! I have yet to try my MAC 187 and 188 to see and feel the difference...

  5. Yey! I'm glad you have the EH stippling brush! :P

  6. @ Pammy yeah ^.^ I've been testing it on powder and liquid products and the finish is just flawless!

  7. hi chelle! i'm a pinay here in Korea and i visit pinay beauty blogs regularly...

    i've collected all of EH's brushes.. i love them all and i love the most this stippling brush (for highlighter and blush and i even use it for eyeshadows) because it picks up just the right amount of pigment and their cream brush (for my bb cream)...

    i hope they have membership cards there too? so you could enjoy earning points you can use in the future to buy their products or a 10% discount everytime you make a purchase...

  8. Hi Jehan! =) it's great to meet you (online hehe =p)

    I agree that it picks up the right amount of pigment so you won't overdue things...

    I think they're working on the membership cards according to Girltalk, I'm holding on to my receipts just in case hihi ^.^ would you know the mechanics on how to get the membership card?

  9. Hi chelle! would you mind to give Jlee's no.?
    i want to ask her if she could reserve a duo fibre brush for me. I'm from laspinas pa kasi, sayang naman if i go there and wala naman palang stock ng duo fibre brush. Thank you btw for this post. :)

  10. Hi Bea =) I've sent yo a message... Enjoy Etude House Stippling brush! ^.^

  11. hi, is this brush good for applying liquid foundation with airbrush effect? i want mac 187, but it's to much for a brush...

    thank u for ur answer ^^

  12. hi!=) Sadly this isn't the stippling brush meant for liquid foundation =( I tried using this and it's really prickly and harsh on your skin when using liquid foundation/liquid products, the bristles tend to be more stiff. This is okay for powder products but not for liquid foundies ^.^ hope this helps! I really use MAC 187 for liquid foundation because it's soft and the result is flawless.

  13. Hey! is there a store at Megamall that sells stippling brushes for a cheaper price? :)

  14. hi =) etude house's stippling brush is already a cheap alternative compared to other stippling brushes