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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hong Kong Haul Preview

I'm back! And with me are the hauls I got from Hong Kong.

I primarily love Hong Kong for their super delicious siu ngo or roasted goose; others call it Peking Duck but siu ngo is totally different from duck and there's no direct translation to siu ngo, if you want to taste better Peking Duck just tell them Siu Ngo and they'll give you goose instead of duck, dip it in plum sauce and it's gonna be heaven. I also love La-a po which is salted or daing duck rice in hot pot; the aroma is like heaven! I love eating the burnt rice sticked to the pot because it's the tastiest part of the meal, just poke your chopstick on the pot and mix tutong with the rice simmered in La-a's aroma. La-a tastes the best in winter season because it needs to be dried in a naturally cool temperature. Enough of this food talk I'm getting hungry again!

Don't be fooled though, I'm not rich haha! I know the haul looks crazy but some of it are freebie such as the Lola by Marc Jacobs make up pouch from Spring Magazine- a nice Hong Kong lady who's selling magazines on the streets told me (translation courtesy of my father who didn't teach me to speak Cantonese huhu) a lot of young Hong Kong women are finding magazines with the Marc Jacobs pouch and she just has one copy left. I didn't pick it up. I got this one from the Hong Kong International Airport.

Most of the high end products you see I got it for a bargain; most of it are half the price here in the Philippines. Where in the Philippines would you see boxes of Lancome products sold on the streets? Sasa, Colour Mix and Bonjour does display them on the streets.  I got Lancome eye make up remover, Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil and Kiehl's in Colour Mix.

I love going to Hong Kong Disneyland because it's near and I don't have to walk a lot to enjoy the theme park. Usually I don't buy souvenirs from Hong Kong Disneyland unless it is something useful so I got three adorable hair accessory and a make up pouch that's very sexy (it's in lace!) ^.^

Oh I forgot to include one of my prized possession now, MAC eye shadow in Goldmine, hihi! ^.^ I was looking for this for a long long time I even bought her sister Amber Lights just to soothe my lemming for this one. MAC Philippines doesn't carry Goldmine because it was released as a part of their Limited Edition line but I know it's really not LE and I was very happy Hong Kong carries Goldmine in their regular line. I hauled a bit from MAC because their MAC is cheaper than ours, 187 stippling brush is cheaper by Php600+. Sweet sweet bargain for me ^.^


  1. that's a great haul!
    great start for 2010 indeed!

    I am Denise Katipunera

  2. Great haul! If MAC was that inexpensive here in Manila, I know I'd hit the store almost everyday!

  3. Oh wow, that's awesome! I hate the fact that foreign brands overprice like crazy here! Skin Food's overprices by 150%! :(

  4. lovely haul! i was thinking you might get some JS or Canmake from HK too!! nice that you bought Vivi, it's my monthly mag :D

  5. huwaaaa! don't you just luuurve abroad? ang mura ng stuff! naku, teka, sana may haul ako from mummy sa singapore. :p

  6. @Tish Oh that would be almost paradise for make up lovers like us! ^.^ Hay... I also wish MAC isn't that expensive here in Manila...

    @Lizz I saw Skin food in Hong Kong too! Guess what? They're very cheap! I saw a gift box with a lot of full sized products inside for HK$300. I saw Skin food located in a small alley, not in a high end mall =p

  7. @Jennifer Aw...I was keeping my eyes peeled for Jill Stuart and Canmake, sadly we didn't go to Mongkok (we did but we went to Shanghai Street to buy some Hitachi auto supply parts for my father's business) Is Vivi selling like hotcakes in Hongkong? One night I bought Viva in the street corner near Mira Hotel and there was a lot of copies, the next day around 11am it was already gone! I picked it up because it has Ayumi Hamasaki on the cover ^.^ pretty!

    But overall I'm satisfied with Hong Kong, it's the food I really love there; siu ngo, la a po, cha siu... It's heaven ^.^

  8. @Martha yup I lurve Hong Kong for their beauty stuffs!!! As in boxes of Lancome products on the streets for sale, Shu Uemura Cleansing oil is just HK$389 in Bonjour and around HK$400+ in Sasa, Khiel's though is more expensive there I got my moisturizer for HK$245

    But for the clothes Philippines' Zara is a lot cheaper so I skipped that and went to their H&M where the clothes are pretty cheap and yet very pretty...

  9. Great haul, Chelle. I like the MAC stuff. :P

  10. Thanks Pammy! ^.^ at first I got nauseated with my purchases when I was computing it to our Philippine Peso but I just told myself what the heck! sayang lang pamasahe ko to Hong Kong if I don't get some stuffs lalo na mga wala dito sa Pinas...