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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Givenchy Rouge Interdit in Sensual Rose

Today I will be reviewing Givenchy Rouge Interdit in Sensual Rose. I bought this from Martha for Php 500.00 ^.^

I love how they carefully package their products, for this one they placed a hard plastic protector for the rope/lace.

Tadaah! I love the packaging, it's outstanding design is incomparable to other lipstick packaging in the market. It doesn't feel and look cheap at all; the plastic is quite heavy but not as heavy as YSL's Rouge Volupte.

Here's a pic of the Givenchy Rouge Interdit in Sensual Rose pulled out. What initially caught my attention is the perfume in the lipstick which smells very luxurious; it's perfumed but it is very light so I don't feel dizzy with this one. Givenchy's lipstick also glides on smoothly and it's like butter melting on your lips- there's absolutely no waxy feel with this one which is a must for a lipstick.

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Sensual Rose swatch

Even if it glides easily and the formula is quite buttery this does not rub off quickly; it stays put for hours if you don't eat. If you do eat there will still be a bit of lipstick left that you might notice when you pat some tissue on your lip area after eating.

The color on me is quite on the rose hue with a bit of coral; for Martha it showed up more coral. Perhaps it varies because of our skin tone. I love this kind of formula because it adapts to your skin color and the lipstick does not look like it's sitting on top of your lips; it looks blended and absorbed as if the color is my own natural lip color.


  1. what a lovely color sis.. :) plus u have such nice lips.. *inggit* thanks for the review.. now i wanna get one for myself.. :)

  2. It's really a lovely color ^.^ a guy friend told me 'let me guess you're wearing your new lipstick, it looks expensive' haha! XD

    thanks for the compliment! ^.^