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Monday, December 28, 2009

Etude House Concealer and Eye Liner Brush

I am very glad I bought Etude House's Concealer and Eye Liner Brush! For the quality and price (Php128.00) it is such a great steal! I tried to use this today and it works a whole lot better than my previous eye liner brush from Suesh. I bought this at Etude House's first branch in the Philippines. it's located in Megamall. Now I wish they'd open in Robinson's Place Ermita, Trinoma, SM North Edsa and Makati area! =)

Like in my previous initial post, I mentioned that the bristles are quite soft and it presses down if you gently put pressure on it. I noticed that the bristles bend and follows the direction of the angle; it would not bend left or right so you'll have good control over the brush and it wouldn't go astray once you start lining your eyes.

The bristles are made of synthetic hair so this is great to use for cream or gel based products because it would not absorb the product unlike natural bristles. My problem with my previous eye liner brush is that it is made of natural goat hair so it always run dry whenever I'm applying MAC Fluidline or Stila Smudge Pot on my lids; usually I have to re-dip my brush to the pot twice or thrice just to get one full line.

With this one I just have to dip my brush on the gel liner pot once and viola! It would create a nice line in one swipe. This saves me a lot of product.

Using Etude House Eye Liner Brush and MAC Fluidline

This is my first time to use an angled eye liner brush so I still have to practice lining the inner corner of my eyes so there is a lot of crooked and smudged area. When you look at the outer lid the line is perfect and sharp which I love because it's a breeze to create with angled eye liner brushes.

Now I just have to learn how to use angled eye liner brushes on the inner corners of my eye and I'm all set!


  1. Gosh Chelle! i have the etude eyebrow brush!
    it saved my moolah from being taken away by mac people! haha!

    i love it!!!

  2. True Jing! ^.^ I'm glad I didn't buy MAC 163 haha! I'm very satisfied with this one and I don't see the point of buying MAC eye liner brush if this creates the precise line I want.

  3. thanks for reviewing this brush! it's certainly very wallet friendly =D

  4. Your welcome Blair! =) They're indeed wallet friendly but it's out of stock today! =(