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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Body Shop Gel Eye Mask

This is lurve! Often times after stressing my eyes in front of the computer I give it a break before dozing off; I just look around and try to avoid watching television. After a while I put a cool and soothing eye mask to release the stress on my peepers.

Lately, I was disappointed when my previous eye mask evaporated just within 6 months of usage; I honestly don't know where the colored water went to. It was very very cheap I think it was just Php 62.00 I bought at Personal Care Exchange or PCX so yeah the price says it all.

I was not keen on finding a replacement soon but my boyfriend was insisting on getting me something for Christmas though he got me the Stila Holiday Smudge Pot collection and a water tumbler already so he got me The Body Shop Eye Gel Mask at Shangri La Mall located in Mandaluyong City. We got the jumbo one instead of the small regular sized because it's 15% off! The original price is Php 350.00 but we got it for Php297.50.

What I noticed is that the liquid inside is not just any regular colored water but it's actually gel. So I guess evaporation would not happen any time soon =p Plus it retains coolness a lot longer because of the material and the size.

Instead of the usual garter to secure the eye mask, they use velcro straps which is okay for me but what if I wear them out because I use eye masks every night? Hope I don't wear them out fast.

I love the embossed THE BODY SHOP logo on the side strap ^.^ Glad I did not purchase this on regular store days and got this for sale!

I think this would not evaporate any time soon because I read the package, it's made in the year 2007 and the gel is still packed. Yipee! =) Great to pair this with foot spa!

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