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Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Visit to Etude House Megamall- Finally!

Finally! I'm glad my family decided to go to Megamall, the last time we visited Megamall was still back in April because it's far!

I only got two brushes because Etude House's stippling brush is out of stock but they'll be restocking next week and I left my phone numbers so they'll be able to text me once the stocks came. Hopefully it will come before I go out of the country.

Here are my mother's loot, all are priced at Php 48.00 and these are from the Petite Darling collection

Etude House Petite Darling RD 101 swatch

Etude House Petite Darling GR 605 swatch

Etude House Petite Darling PK 008 swatch

Here's my loot: Multi Eye Shadow Brush and Concealer and Eye Liner Brush

 Multi Eye Shadow Brush Php198.00

After sanitizing my hands I opened the pack inside the Etude House and felt the brush, I am amazed at how dirt cheap this is and yet it's quite soft. It's not very soft to the point it won't prick your sensitive eye area but as long as you don't clumsy pat this on your lid you won't feel any pricking feeling.

Close up of Multi Eye Shadow Brush

This is made out of pony hair according to the packaging and it doesn't smell, yey! I am really scared with brushes that smell due to my past experience. My only qualm with this one is that there isn't enough bristles so you could see a gap or balding spot in between the ferule. I bought this because I was eyeing MAC 214 Short Shader Brush  but of course in reality I must be practical and buy the one I can afford (and then just buy MAC later when I'm earning my own money). I also like this because it feels almost a lot like MAC brushes- the shape of the handle and matte paint.

Concealer and Eye Liner Brush Php128.00

This is one of their good products in my opinion, the bristles are aligned properly and the synthetic hair is very fine that's good enough for a nice and convenient eye lining experience. I might get another one of this when I test this tomorrow! I have a lot of gel liners (5 in total) and washing one eye liner brush several times would wear it out easily.

Close up of Concealer and Eye Liner Brush

This is quite soft and it bends easily so you'll need a light hand when applying gel liners which is just good because you would want light hands when applying eye make up to prevent tugging and fine lines.

I love that it's short handled brushes so I could go near the mirror without bumping the handle on the mirror especially when lining my eyes.

When I was searching for this one and I failed to see it on the wall full of brushes, I asked the SA if they don't stock up on this one and she said no they don't have the angled eye liner brush. Okay then so I walked around and saw this in the gel liner section. Oh... Their brushes are scattered around and not just placed in one place. I get it, I hope the SAs would be more attentive next time around =) It's okay for now because it's just their opening.

Will I be going back to Etude House? Yes! Although Etude House products are hit and miss it's worth it to go and scan their products for good cheap alternatives to high end products plus they provide good product packaging (cute and sturdy) as compared to other same price range brands.

Now I'm just wishing they'll stock up on Duo Fibre Brush so I could pick up another Angled Eye Liner brush =p


  1. Hi Chelle! It's good to know that you finally went to Etude House! :P To answer your q, it has never happened to my Etude stippling brush. Maybe it wasn't super rinsed pa? :)

  2. Thanks Pammy! ^.^ Good to know, now I can hoard their stippling brush haha, the eye shadow brush kasi has some space sa ferule, they didn't pack the ferule with bristles kaya pumapasok yung soap suds but okay lang naman madali lang gawan ng paraan yun, mahirap lang pag malaking brush like stippling brush kaya I asked before buying ^.^

  3. hi sis :) I saw their brushes, they have a lot to choose from and the prices are reasonable. I have their Duo Fiber brush and I love it!

  4. oh no. OOS na ang FO brush? darn. i saw stocks pa last week. oh well, i'll wait and hopefully they'll have stocks next year na.

  5. Yeah a lot are raving about their duo fiber brush ^.^ hopefully they'll have stocks this week na...

  6. i always thought the etude house nail polish packaging was so darn cute :P

  7. Aw... They're quite cute! ^.^ they have the Dear Darling nail polish line too but my mother can't finish full bottles so she just bought the Petite line =)