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Friday, December 18, 2009

Anna S Eye Shadow in Blue

Today I am going to review Anna S Eye Shadow in Blue- no there's no typo error there, it's really Anna S haha!
This is a knock off I bought a couple of years ago because I found it intriguing; this is my first time to buy a knock off; it's pretty cheap and there's a hefty amount of product, plus the color is pretty!

The box is also very attractive and beautiful for a knock off so it's a plus point for me.

A look on Anna S eye shadow

Here is what it looks like opened

The color is very soft yet vibrant, in my opinion it is a cross between blue and iridescent.
Personally I do not like loose eye shadows because I can't seem to control the amount I pick up from the brush so what I do with this one is that I tip this a bit over and sprinkle a bit of the powder to the cap so I can somehow control the amount to use.

I have used this a couple of times and I did not develop any bad skin reaction from this which made me think is this really a knock off?

Swatch of Anna S Eye Shadow in Blue without any primer

This is what I'm talking about when I say it's vibrant and soft at the same time. The color itself has a pop of its own and yet it comes soft when you look at it carefully.

This has iridescent glitter finer than the ones in my Stila Smudge Pot in Violet. Surprise, surprise! This knock off delivers in the glitter area. 

However, this would not stay put even for 10 minutes if you don't put some primer before it and the powder moves along with your brush; it would not stick itself to your skin so in the end it's not as effective as quality eye shadows. But if you really love this color and you don't mind using knock offs with the knowledge and experience that it doesn't give you harmful side effects then you can work around it by using primer or wet your brush first before using this; it's that easy!

P. S. I like using this to line my eyes because it makes the whites of my eyes whiter ^.^ reminds me of Stila's blue Barbie Smudge Pot...


  1. haha! I know =p I already knew Anna Sui that time and I chuckled a bit when I saw Anna S, I wanted to laugh but the SA was assisting me so I just laughed discreetly and bought a few in respect to her service