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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Powder Dilemma: Jill Stuart or Paul and Joe?

I'm having a bit of powder dilemma since I'm soon gonna throw my current powder in the trash bin.

I just use the powder to lightly dust and set the liquid foundation.

I'm thinking... What should I get? I just want a powder that's light, non shimmery and something that would keep oil at bay although this is just a plus since I don't produce a lot of oil and I use oil blot paper regularly. When I dust the powder on it would not look fake as if it's just powder sitting on top of my face (ehem, I'm describing the one I'm currently using, so you get the drift why I wanna change it already).

 Choices are:

Jill Stuart Moist Silk Powder Foundation
20 grams for HK$260 (approx. Php1560)
I haven't read much reviews or infos for this one

Jill Stuart Pressed Powder
20 grams for HK$260 (approx. Php1560)
Although I heard this has shimmer

Paul and Joe Pressed Powder N
7.5 grams for unknown price (haha!I'm gonna find this out soon)
I heard this has shimmer too


  1. I personally prefer the Jill Stuart Moisture silk over Paul and Joe. Jill Stuart covers better, and has a candlelight quality when you wear it.

  2. I've never tried either of them but packaging wise...I'd chose Jill Stuart :P (sorry if this didn't help! :X) Good luck choosing one!

  3. I think Kill Stuart Pressed Powder look pretty nice!

  4. thanks for the advice girls! ^.^ yeah... the more I look at Jill Stuart the more it becomes inviting to purchase one!