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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stila: Barbie All Doll'd Up Palette or Bold Beauty Palette for the Philippines?

Today I have read on Philippine Star Therese Jamora-Garceau's article entitled Ho, ho, hot looks for the holidays and she talked about Stila's All Doll'd Up Palette.

I was wondering if the Philippines would be getting the Barbie packaging or the Asian Exclusive Bold Beauty Palette?

As Temptalia also said in her blog that she contacted Stila and inquired if the Barbie design is exclusive for US and Stila said yeah it is exclusive to US only.

In another blog Beauty and the Bitch, she showed us Korea's version of the Barbie Palette which is the Asia exclusive Bold Beauty palette.

So which is which? Lara of Rustan's Shangri-La told me over the phone that the palettes would arrive by the end of November but it is being advertised already through Therese' article and it is announced as available in Rustan's. Is it? If yes then I would be upset that Rustan's hasn't texted me yet... I'm very confused now haha!

I think we will be getting the Bold Beauty Palette like the ones in Korea since it is Asian exclusive and the Barbie packaging has been sold out for quite some time now in US alone. If it is just the Bold Beauty Palette I may let it pass and just wait for MAC's Disney Villain collection next year, but if it is the Barbie Palette I just might grab one! =) I'm quite easy to convince when the packaging is cute. I used to play with Barbie since I'm the only girl in the family and she used to accompany me during those times I cannot relate to boys' toys. It's time to relive those memories! (If Stila would bring the Barbie packaging)

P.S. I just hope Rustan's hasn't increased their prices dramatically!


  1. When I lived in the Philippines yearsss ago, I don't think we have Mac yet :( wow.

  2. Really? Wow... I think MAC came here around 2001 but I was just 11 at that time so I didn't pay much attention to it haha =D

  3. you know i've been wondering about the same thing. i want the all doll'd up palette sana :)

  4. me too... Hope they'll release it with the price range the same with the talking palette P1450, if not I'm dropping this na... =(

  5. Thanks for the links! This was great info!