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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Prestige 104 Shadow Sweep Brush

My first Prestige eye shadow sweep has a lot of sentimental value to me; the day I bought mine was the day my grandfather died. My friend and I went to Mall of Asia that night to catch a screening of the film "Paraiso" by Arkeofilms (it's also the one I had my OJT in!) for our film class. After the film we were crying because the film was very touching plus it was the day my grandfather left us.

We went to walk a bit to dry our tears and compose ourselves. We went to Beauty Bar and I thought of getting a decent brush for my eye shadows.

I forgot how much I bought this but I estimate it is around Php370+ and it's quite cheap for a brush with good quality.

The bristles are so soft; the shadow sweep is quite fluffy so this is perfect for lightly sweeping base color all over the lid. Sometimes I also use this on my creases since I don't have a specific brush for that. It also works as long as I point the brush horizontally on my crease so only the tip of the bristles would touch my eye lids.

I have this brush for almost two years and I'm still reaching out for this one. Washing is a breeze; it does not have any bad odor. There is also absolutely no bleeding and falling! Before when I did not know how to wash brushes properly I used to wet the whole brush and yet the glue is still intact up until now. The handle is made of plastic but it does not matter much to me if it's wood handle or plastic handle as long as it gives me a good grip of the brush. It is very light as compared to my other wood handle eye shadow brushes; it is an advantage to me because it makes me light handed when applying eye shadow so I don't end up getting too much color on and I can just build up the color gradually. The vinyl plastic brush guard is also made of good quality and it's not torn from the sides yet though I use this almost every day.

I actually bought a back up of this one ^.^

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