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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

MAC Haul and MAC Rockwell Review

Today I went to Rockwell in Makati to check out MAC's latest store since a lot are saying that the staffs are friendlier than the ones in Glorietta where I had two horrible customer service experiences. I was supposed to go to Shangri-La but a fellow Girltalker told me that Carlos, the very friendly SA, has his day-off on Tuesdays but I don't have any free day but today. Plus I have to drop by PCX to buy my HG Carmex Lipbalm Php80.

Since I was waiting for the Stila smudge pot I reserved since early October but there’s still no sign of delivery and Lara of Shangri-La told me on the phone stocks would probably come around the end of November. Aah! I can’t wait that long! =’( So I decided to buy MAC’s Fluidline in Blacktrack since there is only a slight price difference.

Upon walking towards MAC my heart jumped at the sight of Magic, Mirth and Mischief’s poster! Haha! I’m such a junkie! Entering MAC Rockwell, it looks a lot darker and sophisticated. There was not a customer in sight so I thought, great! Now I can have the SA all for myself! Just kidding… But I do prefer talking to SAs alone since they would attend to your needs better that way and you’ll end up buying the right shade.

The SA who assisted me is Raymond and he is very nice and accommodating; I played a lot with their lipstick since I was planning to buy one (Just one! I’m a good girl). I even got to swatch my Shu Uemura RD 165 lipstick and place it side by side with MAC Red and Russian Red. I was surprised to find out that MAC Red is Shu Uemura RD 165’s dupe! Russian Red looked orangey compared to Shu RD165 and MAC Red. Raymond helped me by correcting my notion that Russian Red is not quite a blue-red; when I swatched Russian Red, it does not look blue-red when compared to Mac Red so he suggested that if I want a blue-red I might as well go for Mac Red. Good news for me though because Shu Uemura RD 165 is a completely identical with MAC Red! =)

Raymond was very funny; I was asking if he could find me a pink-peach shade. He first handed me MAC in Sweetie and I swatched it, I thought it looks a bit pale on my hand so I asked for others until my hand was almost filled with swatches! I should have taken a picture of it. He was very patient with me though we can’t find anything close to a coral shade. Raymond was teasing me “Ate, nachachallenge naman ako” haha! My boyfriend started pitching in by saying the red hues look the same but Raymond and I were saying “No it does not look the same!” I had a very light and fun experience at MAC Rockwell. In the end I got Sweetie; the first one he recommended me.

What’s more commendable with the Rockwell branch is that they sanitize the lipstick in front of you when you want to swatch it on your lips; I have not encountered this kind of customer service in Glorietta.

In the end I got MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack Php1100 and MAC lipstick in Sweetie Php970.

Before I go, I asked if I can sign up for their contact list of clients to update of upcoming deliveries and they do have that service. Hurrah! =) That is also something I was denied of in MAC Glorietta.

I give MAC Rockwell 5 star points.

Reviews for the MAC products and Carmex lip balm coming soon! =) 

For those wondering about MAC's telephone number when you want to inquire at your home's convenience
( I know I did before), here's the list: 
MAC Rockwell Tel. #8982045
MAC Shangri-La Tel.# 6319310
MAC Glorietta Tel. # 8128265
MAC Mall of Asia Tel. # 5560422


  1. I'll go to Rockwell tomorrow. I definitely pass by the Mac counter there because of your review. :) Like you, I hate the MUAs at Glorietta.

  2. ohh great sa's indeed! im not a fan of the ones at glorrietta too. I think one SA there purposely gave me a wrong date when I asked about a certain collection. He/she told me it was coming out in two weeks. Then I found out it came out the day after!! how can he/she not know that?! annoying

    Anyway, Will definitely check the rockwell store

  3. @ Bec Hurrah I've got lots of company! (On hating Glorietta) Haha, I'll definitely just go here for my MAC fix than go elsewhere... =)

    @ Sush woah that's irresponsible of them to give out incorrect information! >.< Parang ayaw nila makabenta a... Haha, check out Rockwell nalang they're a lot nicer. I've lost my MAC phobia there!

  4. just curious, how do they sanitize the lipstick? wipe with a cotton...? come to think of it, they never did that in Taiwan. well, i never tested it on my lips though, wrist or arms lang. hehehe...
    didn't find your review on carmex brand. saw it before but never tried it. review! hehehe

  5. they have a sanitizing solution, it doesn't smell like alcohol but it removes whatever dirt and grime there is without destroying the lipstick's form...

    check my review on carmex, I have a label 'Carmex' =p

  6. Thanx for the contact details! I was having a hard time finding these numbers 'til i read your post. God bless you. =)

  7. hi Alvin! =) No prob! It's my pleasure to help