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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kiehl's Lip Balm#1

I bought this in Harbor City in Hong Kong, there's a Kiehl's store inside the mall.

When I first went in there, the first thing I noticed is that the SAs are very nice, the one who assisted me is named Joey. She was very patient when I was taking a look inside their store and picking up products then putting them down. When I saw the Kiehl's lip balm # 1, I thought to myself I need to try this because I have been using Philosophy Kiss Me lip balm for several years now and I wanted to try another lip balm.

I wanted to get the mint variant but Joey told me it was out of stock so I picked another flavored one and it was still out of stock. I had a run down of all the flavors and all are out of stock! Haha! So I just picked the original unflavored one. I asked Joey if she could call the other Kiehl's branches in Hong Kong to check if they have other flavors and she patiently did, unfortunately all the other flavors are depleted in the entire Hong Kong that fateful day of April 7, 2009! Amazing! (I can't even forget the date =p)

So I settled for this one, I bought this for HK$75.00

Like it's outer packaging, the design is very simple. There's no applicator, just a simple hole to squeeze the product out. The first time I used this though oil came out instead of the thicker consistency lip balm usually has but that is understandable especially if the stock has been around for a while.

Patting this on my lips is heaven! I am a lip balm junkie but I have never felt such moisturizing and conditioning to my lips until this came along. I would use this at night to condition my lips and when I wake up in the morning my lips are very soft and supple- plus the lip balm still stays put all night long! I have not experienced this kind of lip balm in my entire life. A good metaphor would be this is like butter melting on your lips!

There's no weird petroleum jelly smell; it just smells like nothing so it's a plus point for me especially if a lip balm does not have any flavors at all. I also use this on top my lipstick to condition my lips.

However I find the formula quite runny and it will go around your face if you put too much so I resolved this by just patting a bit on and smack my lips to distribute the lip balm. This method saves you more lip balm and it would not make your lipstick bleed too! =)

Just to show you how nice Joey is despite the stuffs I asked her to do and then just buy one product, she even gave me a freebie of Kiehl's Yerba Mate Tea Toner sample to compensate not having the mint flavored lip balm I want! She's a local Hong Kong but talking to her is a breeze despite the language barrier, I am Cantonese by blood but I grew up here in the Philippines so I am more fluent in Fookien, Filipino and English (and a bit on Mandarin and Cantonese), I talked to her in my barok (crooked) Mandarin (mixed with a bit of Filipino, it just comes natural haha) but she still understood me! Then she was talking to me in her barok English just so we could communicate =p If only I could see ourselves talking, it's so cute! =p I do not mean to insult her that she speaks in barok English, I also make fun of myself when I can't speak in straight Mandarin haha!

So if you're in Harbour City just check out Kiehl's and look for Joey if she's still around =) She's one of the nicest Hong Kong person I know and she's very pretty too!


  1. I've tried this too, in fact I heard it was so good, that I've bought two! in pear...

    hmmm I'm not a fan, I've stopped using it after a few times, and am currently using the La Mer one. way better!


  2. Really? Ooh I'd love to try La Mer once I'll start working and earn some money ^.^ thanks for the recommendation! =)

  3. Hi Chelle

    Just came across your blog from Nikki of Ask me whats. Followed u. love your visit me

  4. Thanks Lavender! =) I love your nail art! I'm gonna follow you too!