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Monday, November 30, 2009

Dough Joe Bake House

My first food post! Dough Joe Bake House recently opened here in Retiro, Quezon City. It is located beside Mc Donald's (Mc Do has a big space in Retiro corner a street name I forgot to take note of) so it would not be so hard to miss out.

I personally have not stepped inside their bake house because it is always my parents who go there to get some goodies to take home but according to my father who's Cantonese, the chef/ baker is a Hong Kong person too so he was insisting that I try their pies and tarts. Guess what? I fell in love with their baked goodies! I like that they do not scrimp on the packaging, if you'll look at the photo above you'll see that the egg tarts are carefully and neatly placed in a tray. Look at the last photo to check out how the cute egg tart box looks like!

I love their egg tarts and it is quite cheap, we got it for approx. Php 23.00 per tart, pretty cheap! The crust crumbles upon biting so enjoying this is a breeze; the crust melts in your mouth creating a nice harmony with the egg custard. It is not your usual rubber-like tart flakes that won't break off and you tend to pull the crust and ruin the egg custard along with it.

The egg custard is not too sweet and not too bland; it has the right taste just enough for you to enjoy a generous serving of egg tart.

Up next is their Chicken Pie, I think this costs around Php 40.00+ and this has the best chicken pie aroma I have ever encountered. You can smell the delicious butter blending in with chunks of chicken and potato. However I do not usually eat a whole of this because the butter makes me feel full. Like the egg tart, the crust also easily crumbles and melts in your mouth.

Their Dough Joe chicken pie also has the aluminum tray

This is such a great alternative if you are sick of those tarts and pies with rubbery-like crust that makes you tired to biting and chewing them off the whole piece.

This is Dough Joe Bake House' very cute box where the egg tarts are placed; unlike in other bake shops where they shove in your baked goodies in clear individual plastics, this box protects your pastries and prevents them from crushed in the process of transit or travelling.

I really love it!

P.S. Thank God I took the photos already because just right after taking these shots, the egg tarts are all gone!


  1. It looks delicious!!! Looks a lot better than the ones where I live. Even though there are tons of bakeries that sell egg tarts, they vary store to store.

  2. It's very delicious ^.^ The second best I have tasted so far, the best I remember is in Taiwan though =p

  3. Friendly invite~! Welcome to visit my handmade creation and art/cafe blog~! Thank you~!!

  4. sis malapit ka lang ba jan sa kanto lang ng house ng mommy ko yan eh,i always go there gor their coffee bun haha,pero they changed the bread eh mejo fluffy na whicj i dont like,what i love is may 50 off pag 7pm pass hehe

  5. hi shobe ^.^ mejo malapit, relatively haha, I can walk siguro mga 10-15 minutes or take a jeep na super lapit lang...

    Talaga? try ko rin coffee bun nila ^.^ onga pag 50% kami bumibili haha, yun lang konti nalang usually pero okay lang...