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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Body Shop Home Fragrance Oil in Cassis Rose

The holidays can leave us stressed especially when we go for Christmas shopping in bazaars where it is very crowded. Our schedules become hectic when we try to finish work and Christmas shopping before the actual holidays roll in.

What I do is that I try to slow down and relax before sleeping. When I'm very tired I know it is very tempting to just shut my eyes and sleep instantly but somehow it does not do me well as I tend to have nightmares. So these days I try to light a candle and use aromatherapy to soothe and slow my pace down first before slipping into slumber land.

I bought The Body Shop Home Fragrance Oil for Php 250.00 at their Robinson's Place Ermita branch and the 10ml bottle is quite a great value in my opinion. I just need a drop or two to soothe my nerves.

The Body Shop Home Fragrance Oil in Cassis Rose belongs to the fruity floral family so if you need something relaxing and yet something to gently cheer you up without making you perky then I think this is the scent you've been looking for. This smells a lot like fresh roses gathered inside a room; the scent is not too strong for my nose so it smells a lot like nature.

Do you notice how stressed people tend to have shallow breathing patterns? Stressed people tend to take in less oxygen and it leads to tightening of the muscles and muscle aches. This fragance oil feels like fresh botanical air and it invites me to breathe in more oxygen thus making me more relaxed as the stressed, tired and oxygen deprived muscles loosen up.

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