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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo

Stress in our daily lives can make our hair grow thin and it applies especially for men. However women are also prone to thinning hair and it especially applies to me! Haha

My hair was gradually thinning due to stress in school, hogging on the computer for long hours of time etc.
I didn't pay so much attention to it for around a year or two until I finally realized I have to take care of my hair! First it is telling me something is wrong with my lifestyle so I'm trying to correct that, and second, no amount of make-up will be great if I have thinning hair...

I bought this 400ml shampoo at Healthy Options in Greenbelt 5 for Php355; I thought the price was not that steep if you would take into consideration other 400ml commercial shampoos. They also have the Biotin Conditioner but I still have my Aussie volumizing conditioner. 

What I like about this is that it smells very light and lemon-y, it makes me feel squeaky clean. Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo also does not lather so much so I presume there's no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is almost present in all soaps and is a poison.

I like it because it does work! Although do not expect miracles and think that you would not have hair fall 100%; of course this shampoo has to be aided with proper diet and sleep. This shampoo is just an aid but not a cure. Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo cuts down my hair fall rate; before I used to get a lot like 20-30 strands of hair a day but now I only get around 10-20 strands depending if I slept early 
and well the night before.

What I don't like about this is that sometimes I itch all over when I rinse this off; I think there must be 
something with the ingredients that's triggering my mild skin asthma; however it's very tolerable and the pros weigh more than the cons.

Right now I'm near emptying my bottle and I will be willing to repurchase if needed!


  1. Oh I just bought this shampoo last week and not started yet. I have serious hair loss problem since many years ago. even see dermatologist but no help. I hope this shampoo can help me a bit also good.

  2. Goodluck Lavender! ^.^ Hope the Biotin Shampoo helps! The Healthy Options sales attendant suggested I take Biotin food supplements too but I thought the shampoo would just do for me =)

  3. Ya, I hope so, will update u after few months...thanks for the review

  4. Goodluck! ^.^ I wish your hair will become healthier!

  5. Hi there, effective po ba ung Biotin Shampoo? Do you still use it now? I'm planning to purchase one kasi..I'm torn between avalon and eezygrow..thanks =)

  6. Yes I'm still using this now. In my case it's more effective when paired with drinking some Biotin. But I don't drink Biotin often na... Just when I have a massive hair fall attack lang =)

  7. I went googling about Biotin and I saw this as well as your post for Biotin food supplement. I really need help for my hair and I'm gonna try this too. :)

  8. I would lide to know the price on this productIam intrested in knowibg more about these shampoo because I have thin hair and I been looking at different kind of products for that mater because I have the loos hair problem for about six months

  9. Hi, thank you for your posts. May I know if you are still using this shampoo? I bought a pair - shampoo and conditioner of this type from Healthy Options. However, I noticed that it has a new face compared to the one you have posted and I guess with a new formula as well. I was wondering if you are still using the shampoo (and of this new formula) and still get the same result. And have you tried its conditioner or just using the shampoo will do the thickening? Thanks in advance for your reply.

  10. Hi =) Yup I'm still using this shampoo. I blogged about this a few years back so right now I'm also using the new packaging. It still helps keep my hair thick but I cannot give you an accurate feedback because I stopped using it for a while til my hair was getting a bit thin then I started using it again around January this year along with Jason's Thin to Thick Scalp Elixir. I used both and I must say it works better than just using the shampoo. Most of the time I get zero hair fall whenever I take a shower.

    As for the conditioner, I have super fine hair so even if I don't use a conditioner I'm okay =) The shampoo does not dry out my hair but I think it just works the same with or without the conditioner.

    Price is at Php469 as of March 2013