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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Suesh 16 Pcs. Brush Set

I bought this set at Debbie Co Atelier for P2125 because I had the Belle de Jour coupon slashing off 15% of the P2500 brush set, the girl there is nice and accommodating though they were really really busy with clients with customizing their couture dresses, i checked out some of the dresses and they were really nice ^_^

The brushes are really really soft, it picks up my powder blush and builds a nice sheen to my cheeks which i love, making your skin see through the pigment.The concealer brush works wonders on my pimple XD i used to apply my concealer with my ring finger but this almost eliminates my huge pimple sitting on my nose!I just used the blender brush as my concealer brush for my eyebags, it blends the concealer well XD l love it. The powder brush also picks up the powder from my foundation so it doesn't eat up my foundation quickly

I'm thinking of buying Suesh brush cleaner already, i love this brush set so much i want it to last XD
And a set of brush guards... or i'd just reserve it for mac brushes >.< I duno

This brush set stinks! literally! After several washes the brushes' true color(or smell) comes out even if I wash it properly. It has the pet shop odor, the wet dog smell. Brownie smells better than this! Ugh, got them replaced but got faulty replacements, wood discoloration, wood dents, metal dents, faulty gluing. Will be getting my old brushes back on Wednesday, hopefully I will get the better made ones coz I know the faulty replacements still stinks.

The brushes are good in performance, it's very soft and it won't make you break out despite the smell, but if you're OC about the way it smells, then yes it is a big problem. Unfortunately I am OC, I feel like I'm putting something dirty on my face.

Sheryl decided to replace my whole brush set, hurrah! Now that's a good customer service. I know it still stinks but I do appreciate that they reached out again even if I gave up already. I tried EnKore's solution to remove the smell by making a solution out of water, baking soda, vinegar and a bit of fabric softener. It did the trick! Sheryl also told me maybe there's something wrong with their storage too so she will move it to another place. 

But what I do now to remove the smell even further is that every time I wash my brushes I mix the shampoo with baking soda.  

As much as possible I don't wash it during the rainy days because it wouldn't dry quickly and it ends up getting a damp smell. If that happens when we get some sunshine I place it outside to absorb some sunshine and it does the trick to make the odor go away. 

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