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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Shu Uemura Haul

I got these today at Ms. Dior Co's Beauty Luxe Sale at The Enterprise Tower 2, level 3.
The loot:
Pro concealer in 3YR medium light (center right)
Rouge unlimited in RD 170 (left side)
Rouge unlimited in PK 308 (right side)

I absolutely love love love the lipsticks! the colors are really really pretty on the tube. I was supposed to get the Mark Cealer but it ran out before I got there =( but I've got the pro concealer instead. I'm used to liquid concealers because I find it easier to blend on my dark circles but I'll enhance my make up skills by challenging myself to learn blending cream concealers. Dior also said it's longer lasting so that's a plus for me.

I know a lot are complaining about the lipstick case because it looks cheap, but I am pretty happy about the crystal case because it feels heavy and quite hard to break. I dealt with a lot of crappy packaging but I can say this isn't as bad as the others I've encountered.

I got all of these almost half the price around 40% off! Ms. Dior told me that all of the products she has are her personal collection but she's very generous in having them adopted, I thought I was really addicted to make up until I saw her massive collection! I wish I had that much too though I don't know what I'm going to do with all of it, maybe sell most of it also before it expires and goes to waste. I also read somewhere that proceeds would go to Ondoy's victims so it is a plus for beauty junkies who are feeling guilty over their make up spendings.

Will be doing reviews on these babies soon!

Apologies for the bad product positioning, I didn't notice the products are facing me and not on the camera lens, obsessed much on Shu? ^.^


  1. ooh where is that enterprise tower? and is the sale ongoing until tommorow or saturday?

  2. Can't wait for your reviews =) I recently got a makeover from their counter and fell in love! I'm about to go back and buy some products but I'm not sure what. Have you tried any skincare items from their line?

  3. @crystal it's located in Ayala Ave corner Paseo de Roxas, Tower 2 level 3, it is along with the bridal bazaar =)

    it's only up to today Oct 2 so hurry! ^.^
    Dior told me she'll email if she has another Beauty Luxe Sale next year so I'll just post it here beforehand...

  4. @babybubblz I'll try the stuffs as soon as I'm going out, the weather here in the Philippines is pretty bad due to typhoons, pray for us! =)

    I haven't tried any from their skincare line yet but I want to have their cleansing oil ^.^ so far I'm a big fan of their make up line

  5. chelle: inform mo naman ako kapag nag- sale siya ulit ha. i want some shu items eh. anu- ano pa items niya? :)

  6. Love your Shu Uemura haul. I also have those lipsticks. They're nice to have. Actually I already finished PK308 so I bought PK312 last Wednesay :)

    And I totally feel you about MAC SAs hehe.

  7. @martha yup okay inform ko kayo pag meron uli next year ^.^ I'll post it here narin...

    she's got a lot of brand, a whole lot of shu uemura(cleansing oil, drawing pencil, e/s, lipstick, lipgloss, foundie, powders, concealer, blush on, mascara) Mac(but its sold out),a few VOV,Khiel's, Elizabeth Arden, Bobbie Brown, Lancome, Clinique, Guerlain, Maybelline, Victoria's Secret, L'oreal HIP. =)

    this is the 2nd leg of her sale, the first one was held in Debbie Co Atelier last Sept. kaya konti nalang natira for this month. Hopefully marami uli next year ^.^

  8. @Gem, hurrah! Now I know a lot are unhappy about Mac SAs here.

    I haven't tried the lipsticks yet, hope the weather would be good and allow me to go out of my house so I can try it on! ^.^

    How's the PK312? =)

  9. PK312 is alright. So far, so good. It's a tad darker than MAC Angel. But the color is really lovely!

  10. Ooh I saw the picture of PK312 and it looks so lovely! Now I'm tempted to put that on my lemming list XD