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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shu Uemura Mini Eyelash Curler

It's here! It's here! My lemming for Shu Uemura's answer to my lash curling woes is here! I have really really short lashes so this is the answer to my problem in curling hard to reach areas.

Aug 1, 2009, Wald and I went to Shu Uemura's flagship store in Rockwell, my heart sank when the SA told us that it's discontinued here in the Philippines... The horrors! >.<

Wald texted his brother Wyatt who's in Hongkong to buy me one coz wala na pla dito, yup he saved me from the great birthday depression by buying me one! Yey!

This costs HK$80 and it can be found in selected Sasa branches or to be sure you can just go to Lane Crawford or any Shu Uemura free standing stores in Hongkong Malls. If I'm not mistaken there's a free standing store near Marco Polo hotel in Canton Road.

Yup, this baby works great, it's my first Shu Uemura curler, but my Shiseido eyelash curler is also doing its work well. I was telling Jaq this morning how could I ever stretch my budget if I convert to Shu Uemura coz they don't sell extra silicon rubber pads, so if it wears out, you have to buy a whole set again. While Shiseido offers rubber pads, they'll cost you P600 for two rubber pads, those two little silicon rubber pads is sure worth a lot too, but the curler ain't a curler if not for the magical pads.

The mini eyelash curler works wonders on chinky eyes, especially if you've got those super duper short lashes on the corners of your eye, when you use the regular sized curler when you try to reach for those small parts you end up pinching your lids, tada! Here's the answer for it!

Another good thing about this mini curler for me is that I have kirat left eye, I'm not ashamed of it now though I used to in my childhood days. A lot of Asians have the same problem that's why they developed double eyelid glues and tapes. When I use the Shiseido normal sized curler, I end up not curler the whole eyelash and if I do succeed, my curled eyelash would droop down due to the shape of my eyes. With the Shu Uemura mini eyelash curler, I get to curl my left lashes precisely and it doesn't droop. 

Shu Uemura Vs. Shiseido
I think for every person it varies, it just turns out that Shiseido fits me better than Shu Uemura, I took these two for a test, after curling my lashes using both on each eyelash, I splashed my face with water to see if the curl would wear down, Shiseido lash is still curled but Shu Uemura lash straightened up again...

I still love my Shu Uemura curler though, hope shiseido produces a mini eyelash curler too though! 


  1. I was able to buy mine in Duty Free at Paranaque :)

  2. Talaga? that's nice! Hope they still have a lot of stocks because this works really great ^.^

  3. I'm so sad they don't have Shu Uemura in the states anymore :( I held on to the little spare pad like two years but lost it a couple months ago. decided two years was too long for my shu mini curler, so I went ahead and bought the Shiseido one a few days ago :)