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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil in ME Pink

Along with the mini eyelash curler, my boyfriend's brother also bought me this pink eyeliner. Hurrah!
This costs HK$140 at Lane Crawford.

I just don't know if this belongs to the Spring Mode collection that is also not available anymore at Shu Uemura in Rockwell (So you could just imagine how depressing it was to find out the two things you want are both discontinued).

So I tried almost all of their eyeliners, gold looks like brown with a bit of shimmer on my skin, but I think it would look good on other skin tones. I went to watch The Proposal, went home, washed tons of dishes, took a bath and the eyeliner swatches are still intact >.<

One reason why I spend so much on eyeliners is because this would last you for years, my Prestige eyeliner works wonders but it gave up on me too and crumbled to death =( adding up all my lesser valued eyeliners together I could have bought one or two of Shu Uemura. I recommend to store eyeliners in cool and dry places. For my Shu eyeliners I still have the box and keep it in before putting it back on the make up drawer because light exposure causes discoloration on cosmetics and it goes the same for other painted materials such as paint on buildings and posters in botiques, notice how the poster color fades overtime especially on the spotlight areas? 

I thought Shu Uemura was really overrated if there are more affordable and excellent cosmetic companies like Mac and Make Up For Ever, but sometimes this is an individual thing where you have to find where your skin would lead you, I tried Mac eyeliners but it smudged off easily on me, I haven't tried MUFE though.

I put these on my inner lids today around 7am and it lasted me until 6pm with no smudging,  I washed my face to freshen up when I got home then I took a nap with it on and clumsily covered my face with my heavy pillow to block out the sun and... Nothing happened to my eyeliner, no smudge, no fading, no nothing!

Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil ME Pink swatch

When applying this, warm the tip first by creating light strokes on your hand; the drawing pencil itself is very creamy already but since I do not have gel liners or liquid eyeliner in this color, when I want to brighten up my eye I put this on my upper lid and it tugs the skin so I have to make it extra creamy for it to glide smoothly on the upper lid. Otherwise when you apply this on your lower lid or the water line, it's creamy on its own even without warming the tip first.

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