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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

BRTC Whitening and Wrinkle Repair BB Cream

Wald got me a nice tube of BB cream for my birthday last August 1, 2009! Whoopee! this baby's online value goes up for around Php1400-Php1800 depending on the variant but we got this for Php900 at Wang Lai's Mart.

This bb cream is has whitening properties, I tried it as well because I needed some whitening to be done, I know there are some campaigns to discourage whitening among Filipinas but in Asia, most fair skinned girls use whitening products to even out their skin tone from constant exposure to the sun, I guess I'm a part of that since I have yellow undertones like most Asians.

The light scent is nice, smells like light floral, the consistency is creamy and not liquid though, it goes on smooth on the face but sometimes you need a bit of tugging when you want to even out the bb cream on your face, it also doesn't sit on your wrinkles unlike other liquid foundations. The shade is really dark but it adjusts perfectly to my skin tone after much blending to the face. 

BRTC bb cream also gives your face a nice healthy glow, skin appears healthier, it has a dewy finish but I dust it off with powder coz it's quite sticky for our humid weather It's evening out my skin tone with the help of my Christian Dior Snow cream at night. This bb cream also has a strong pink undertone so when you blend it to fair skin tones it will give off a nice healthy pink glow. I always use this everyday to make my skin look less tired, when the weather is cold or cool you don't really need to dust this off with powder because it would not be so sticky anymore.

I really like this because my big pimples are flaking off every morning! with constant dabbing of Neutrogena Vanishing Cream at night.

Since this is called a blemish balm cream, I'm trying this on my scars and marks acquired from my painful boils war, I'm crossing my fingers it would lighten up the scar marks ^.^


  1. Hi...where did you buy your neutrogena vanishing cream?

  2. hi, I bought mine at Sasa in Hongkong =) I think it's around HK$56, I'll check the price again once I get home. =)

  3. I checked it again and it's HK$59 =)