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Monday, September 28, 2009

Ellana Minerals Concealer in Cheer

I had this since Jaq's bday since I bought her loose powder from Ellana too, I bought this at SM Makati where they had a booth. It's the first time I bought mineral make up so I was pretty excited to get this

So far, this is the best concealer I had and it's relatively cheap too! I bought the trial size of 1g for P100 and I'm not finished with it yet.

Though it's powder in form, it goes on smooth and creamy and it blends well as long as you have a good concealer brush or blender brush. It also does a good job of hiding my dark eye bags I inherited. You have to carefully blend this product well, if not there would be a grayish hue on your eye bags.

One downside though is that it doesn't last long so you have to keep this in your kit if you want some touch ups but I'm really lazy to do anything but comb my hair when I'm in school.

If you put on primers or any make up base though, there's also a downside because when I use a face base like my BRTC bb cream first before putting it on top, this goes on powdery instead and it really shows like it's shouting "Hey I'm wearing concealer!", so I don't use this too much anymore. I'm using bb cream everyday and I just pat on more bb cream coz it also hides my eye bags a bit sheer but more natural looking. 

A slight qualm on my part is the packaging. The reason why I posted the actual picture is to show the packaging, when I bought this the print was already fading away and it still continues to fade but of course with the P100 price tag it's not much of a complain in my part. 


  1. i have this too but it actually stays on well with me.

  2. Hey Crystal =) glad it works for you!

  3. hi there! new follower :)

    i've yet to try mineral concealers.. but im liking ellana products! :)

  4. Hi Mia! =) Thanks so much for following me ^.^

    You can try Ellana's mineral concealer, I think they have a stall in front of SM Makati's supermarket and the SA there is nice =)