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Monday, September 28, 2009

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Finally! I've got my hands on this genie bottle! 

I bought mine from Ms. Vanessa of, I bought this for P1025 because I opted for a meet up since there are news that couriers are stealing so when I buy things that are worth P1000 up I opt for a meet up instead. She's very nice and accommodating ^.^

Honestly one of the reason I bought this is because of its attractive packaging, the slender sexy genie bottle shape (Wald says it's very sexy haha). The wand slash screwing cap is made in such a way that it's very airtight since this dries out fast when you expose it to air so it's a nice plus point for me. 

Although the packaging is very attractive, now I know why people depot the UDPP from its sexy bottle, the bottle is too slim, though I don't like the idea of putting my UDPP under a knife, I think I'll just take off the excess plastic on the bottle and swirl the wand to get it out just like how we try to get remaining lipgloss from their tube.

I took UDPP for a road test today, I placed some on my lids and patted The Face Shop eyeshadow in dusty peach, it's really the name and it's really dusty but the color is a nice nude shimmer. Before, I used to damp it with water so the color would come out and it won't get too dusty when applying.

The color is really vibrant than the usual that it looks like gold-ish than shimmery beige, the color also lasted me almost the whole day. I applied it around 8am, went home around 2pm coz I was really having a bad headache and my body felt so sluggish, I went to sleep with an eye mask on to block out the sun, I slept for 2 good hours. When I got up most of the eyeshadow powder is still intact. There's a bit of creasing but it's okay coz it's not that obvious.

So hurrah! UDPP is great!