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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shiseido PN Primalise Gloss in 92 and 95

I was looking into my lipgloss collection, most of them unopened, aah! and yes I found these babies tucked neatly in my drawer, stored cool and away from sunlight.

This is in 92

and this is in 95

I forgot where I got this but it says imported by Shiseido Singapore

the color is on the bottom of the bottle and the gloss is on top as shown in the picture

What I do is I just get a hold of a lil color and get a lil gloss and glide it on my lips. At first it goes on clear and when light hits some parts of your lips the color reveals its lustre like a prism would when it gets hit by light. The gloss lasts a long time and it's not sticky. I don't like sticky glosses because when it bleeds, it tends to clog my pores and cause zits near my lip area.

The packaging is gorgeous, this is the first gloss I own that are in glass tubes instead of plastic, the wand is not the foam doe foot applicator but it is in silicon form so it gives a more polished look for the gloss. I heard Make Up Forever is trying to bring that kind of applicator here in the Philippines with their HD concealer but it's not yet available.

Yup, I love love love these glosses! but I wouldn't know where to buy again once it's gone, I don't think Shiseido here has this anymore but I hope they will again!

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