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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Animals are also victims of the typhoon!

I read this on Gale's site and I wanted to share on how you could help our furry lil friends...

Thank you so much for those who are able to help...
PAWS desperately needs the ff :
* dog cages with roof (all the kennels are now full)
* large tent for temp shelter for cages of admitted dogs
* WET dog and cat food
* flashlights, AA batt, D batts & hi-powered rechargable lamps
* cleaning materials (chlorox, lysol, brushes)
* old blankets and towels
* microwave (new or 2nd hand)
* medicine of funds to buy medicine

Multivitamin tablets for the dogs
multivitamin syrup for the cats
Vibravet paste for the cats
Doxycycline and amoxicillin (250mg) capsules for the dogs
Silymarin or Jetepar capsules if any pets have leptospirosis
Sangobion capsules and syrup as well.

Fluids: D5W in LRS, D5W in 0.9NaCL, plain 0.9% NaCl,
plain LRS, Microdrip I.V. linesI.V., Catheters Gauge 22, 24 and 26 Paracetaml, tylenol & multivitamins for the staff

You can send to :

* 350 Media, Room 508 Manila Bank Building, Ayala Ave, Makati c/o Marla Licandro
* 2-B Legaspi St, Philam Homes, West Ave c/o Rich Ilustre
* VETS IN PRACTICE c/o Dr. Nick & Marga Carpio
63 Maysilo Circle cor Boni Ave. Mandaluyong (across Tapa King around the circle)tel no: 5311581 to 82; Pasay branch: CARVELDON VETERINARY CENTER,k Cartimar Commercial Center, Pasay, tel no: 5562885Pasig: ANIMAL CARE SPECIALISTS Pet Village, Tiendesitas 635-6895

Thank you from the Humans and Animals of PAWS!! : )"

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