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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Etude House 66 Big Eye Vitcara

I've been searching high and low for my holy grail mascara, for now my HG is still Estee Lauder's Sumptuous Mascara.

So let's get started reviewing Etude House's 66 Big Eye Vitcara, the real reason why I bought this is because of it's funny funny TVC, you can check it up on Youtube; they have a song and dance number singing the Vitcara song ^.^ 

The packaging looks cute, the mascara is really big. The wand is not your usual brush wand, it is a comb so it really combs through your every lash and the mascara spreads evenly; this also doubles as a spoolie; you don't have to fix your messy eyelashes anymore because this does the trick.

The first thing I like about this mascara is that it doesn't clump no matter how many times you apply this and it makes your lashes naturally enhanced, it becomes longer and defined; although it claims to put some oomph and volume to your lashes; it wouldn't do much especially if you have thin and fine lashes like me. The formula doesn't flake even if you wear it the whole day and even if you rub your eyes (just like Estee Lauder).

The bad side for me though is that it does not dry as fast as Estee Lauder so when I blink, I get black blotches under my eyes. And another bad thing is that it's hard to remove, but not as hard to remove as Fasio mascaras. If you don't like to rub your eyes harshly, you can damp your eyes with water first and let the formula soften and melt a bit and it should do the trick.

Good news is that Etude House is coming to the Philippines! They are targeting this year to open Etude House. 


  1. this looks good. how much did you buy this for?

  2. I bought this for P795 with a free box of cotton and a small bottle of mascara remover =)

    Later, I found out that my trusted suki who's in Taiwan recently sells Etude House products too, you can contact her at =)

  3. when are they planning to have thei Flagship store here in MNL? :D

  4. Hi Gem =) I also don't know where they are planning their flagship store but let's all hope they'll open up pretty soon! =)