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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wildflour Café + Bakery

Left Quezon City and quickly called up Wildflour to reserve a table for two. Ms. Kathleen told us we're seventh on the wait list and they can't guarantee we'd get a seat once we have arrived. Once we got there we were told we're third on the list but waiting time isn't that bad. 

First impression: There are flies on the bread display! There were a few cronuts left but I saw the flies enjoying themselves on the bread so I didn't bother. 

Too crowded, the noise and chaos is more like a wet market than a nice restaurant where you can sit back, relax and enjoy your dinner. On the bright side this is a very good sign for the business owners. 

On the bright side, the complimentary baguette is really really good, the crust is really crisp, butter with a sprinkle of salt also did the trick. One thing though, since this is served in a wooden board and the servers are so busy attending a lot of people, they tend to press the bread on the board with their finger. If you're not picky with it and your stomach can handle such food handling then it's okay(I think), if your stomach is sensitive then I suggest you skip this one. 

We were ushered in a high table, it was ok until I realized how close I am to the bread stand that I have to carefully squeeze myself into my seat without having to topple the bread stand over. Good thing was when a fresh batch of cronuts were put out, we were near the tray. 

Table was too too tooooooo small, ridiculously small in my opinion. We ordered a burger, tarte flambée, steak and kimchi rice, two newly released cronuts and one chocolate eclair and we had to stuff everything in our belly before our next order comes, just kidding. We had other unnecessary plates removed, combine food in one plate (pastries) and pan (burger and tartes flambée). It was hard to relax knowing how high the tables are and utensils are on the edge of our tables already. 

Tarte flambée is the best part of the dining experience! Bacon, gruyere cheese and caramelized onions. Tarte is thin and crisp. Perfect! Nuff said. 

The burger is really really juicy, heavenly! I was just alarmed on how sharp the knife was! The burger is pinned on the pan with the knife, call me conservative but I had the impression that the one who prepared this was mad lol. Oh and my Chinese parents have taught me not to stick my chopstick on my bowl of rice coz it signifies offering food for the dead. Somehow I was reminded of that when my burger was served with the knife struck on it, not a chopstick but a knife. I just pulled it out before taking a photo.

Steak with kimchi rice was good. When we think of steak, a whole slab of juicy steak comes to mind but we got small slices of steak instead, it was good but not so juicy. Kimchi rice was super delicious! I'm not a fan of hot food but this is great. 

Chocolate eclair is love. Bread quality is not that excellent but the chocolate and filling makes up for it. 

Cronuts tastes like bicho bicho with donut filling and frosting. I had the mixed berry variant. I was just turned off on how oily the cronuts are that I literally swallowed a mouthful of oil. Other than that it's a delicious pastry. Delicious but not so delicious that I'd make an effort to go there and fall in line. 

Oh, a table can order just two cronuts. People who are falling in line just for the cronuts can only order two and if you want to order more, fall in line again and start all over. This is a fair system so everyone who falls in line would get some but it also has a downside, I think this is just a fad, like in my experience I tasted it once but I'm not going to buy again, if they didn't limit the purchase I would have bought more to bring home for my family but since this is almost inaccessible, I was discouraged to buy. I don't think the taste is so special and unique anyway. If I'm the one selling these cronuts I'd try to make more and sell more, make this product more accessible and gain more profit before the craze dies down. 

Wildflour Café + Bakery
G/F Net Lima Bldg, 4th Ave cor 26th, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Tel no. 856-7600

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