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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rufo's Famous Tapa Boo Boo

Had a take away of Rufo's tapa from the R Place branch for lunch. I guess I had such high expectations considering this is a famous tapa place. The heck, they even used the word 'famous' in their tag line. 

I was so excited to open my box, my belly was growling in hunger but when I opened it, meh I found the tapa serving small. So much rice, so little tapa. 

The cooks might have been rushing as the tapa sauce was under my paper-wrapped rice leaving my tapa dry and my paper-wrapped rice soaked in sauce. Also, the wax paper covered my overcooked egg.  I find their service disgusting. 

The only thing they got right was that wax paper over my egg went under my tapa. Wow. 

This is my first time trying Rufo's and I'm not impressed even with the taste. Garlic rice is bland it's as if they just added fried garlic on top, tapa was not that bad but not that good either. Egg is really overcooked. 

Ugh. Never again. 

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