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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pancake House Cookie Butter Pancake Surprise Review

A few nights ago I asked my brother if he had tasted cookie butter, he said 'Yeah, it's delicious but I won't spend a lot of money for that, I'd rather spend it on Nutella' so I wondered why a lot are raving about it but I held back in buying a whole jar because I trust my brother's taste buds.

Now I know why and I think this cookie butter craze is just overrated.

I went to the Pancake House to try their cookie butter pancake surprise (Php258) just to get this curiosity over with.

So they served me a stack of fluffy buttermilk pancake with layers of cookie butter in between then topped with a dollop of Trader Joe's Speculoos cookie butter, sprinkled with caster sugar, corn flakes and grounded walnut with cinnamon. Looks really good!

I initially tasted the cookie butter, at first I was at a lost at what it tastes like, parang ha? Ano 'to? I took a second dollop and my taste buds led me back to my kindergarten years when I had marie biscuits as my baon. A-ha!!! That's what cookie butter tastes like. Sorry to say I never liked marie biscuits, it makes me gag. Good move I never bought an expensive jar of cookie butter.

Nevertheless, I still love Pancake House' pancakes, I just poured maple syrup all over my pancake to drown the cookie butter taste. The cornflakes and cinnamon walnuts are to die for!

Cookie butter vs. Nutella? I'd rather spend my money on Nutella.  

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