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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder Review

Since my MAC Blot Powder was quickly running out but my oil glands are not, I quickly browsed various beauty blogs to check out what keeps these beauties' oilies at bay. Tadaaah! I found out that Ben Nye makes a fabulous and cheaper alternative to MAC Blot Powder.

I got this at The Style Quarter. I've scoured some sites selling Ben Nye and so far The Style Quarter has the cheapest price around for Php490 plus the seller is very very friendly and accommodating.

What Ben Nye Says:
This colorless powder blends with all skin tones. It is a must to set bright or dark shades to retain color. Special formula controls perspiration, making this perfect for high energy performers such as clowns or dancers.

Talc, aluminum hydroxide, methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, sorbin acid

What I say:
I'll be honest with you, the main reason I bought this is because it is a fraction of the cost of MAC blot powder. I live and breathe MAC blot powder because of my oil glands so I finish a compact pretty fast. What surprised me was that Ben Nye is just as good as MAC's powder in terms of oil control giving me around 5-6 hours of oil control, if I'm in an air conditioned room sometimes it lasts longer than that. 

Since this is in a loose powder form, the packaging is in a "baby powder" bottle but I'm not complaining. With the reasonable price and 49grams of oil control goodness, I'm happy and satisfied. 
How do I deal the baby powder packaging? I just use my old MAC blot powder compact, sprinkle a bit on the pan, dip my powder brush, give it a slight tap or shake and sweep away! 
Of course you can try pressing the powder by mixing the powder with alcohol until it turns into a batter like consistency and pour it on the pan, let dry and give it some pressure. 
Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder swatch

The powder is also like baby powder but once applied and blended well it will not give you a white cast. The product name says it all: colorless face powder. 
 I also like the fact that it is scent free, scented products oftentimes irritate our skin so avoiding scented products will cut our precious skin some slack. 

After dusting some powder, I set my make up with Evian Facial Spray to get rid of the powdery look.

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  1. I got lots of whiteheads with this product that eventually led to breakouts. So, this is a Big miss for me. Too bad, it's so cheap and Also I have to agree that the oil control is very good. Bdw, I also bought mine at the style quarter.

  2. ive seen a lot of good review bout this product,pero parang di ko talaga magawang i push sarili ko to buy maybe because of the packaging pressed type kasi ako.b

  3. @OR Aw sayang if you broke out =( What did you do with the excess?

    @Camille lol actually mas type ko rin pressed, less hassle and saves time esp when you're in a rush =p