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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Victoria Restaurant: A Taste of Hong Kong in Taiwan

One of the things we're scouring for when travelling is good food and Hong Kong has good food indeed! 
We went to Taiwan but that doesn't mean we can't get a great taste of Hong Kong cuisine ^.^
My father really really wanted to go to Xi Men Ting not for night market shopping but we want to eat at Victoria Restaurant
We ate at Victoria Restaurant before while shopping at Xi Men Ting night market, we didn't know what it was or how the food was, we just followed our nose and stomach's instinct and it lead us to Hong Kong food delight!
Two years later, we flew all the way from Manila to Taiwan to eat here again.

Victoria Restaurant is famous in the internet I was told by my aunt, perhaps it's famous among the Chinese language internet crowd so I can't find good restaurant reviews in English. This review might be the start!
Victoria Restaurant is owned by a Hong Kong family, two years ago the resto was very simple, the son takes orders and serves the food, the father cooks the food and the mother is at the cashier counter. 
Now they hired a handful waiters, business is booming ^.^

Let's go on to check out the food
Here's my small serving on my own rice bowl, take note that this is just a small portion of a big pot <3

Their specialty is rice cooked in earth pots or hotpot
This is Yen Tsiang La-ah Peng(fan/po/rice) 
This rice is cooked along with the Chinese sausage and salted dried duck meat
After cooking, they will add a drizzle of Hiu ko tau yu or Mushroom soy sauce on the hotpot and mix it all together. I know it looks dark and scarily salty but mushroom soy sauce is more on the dark color and less on the taste.
I love the rice on the bottom of the pot because it's burned to a crisp; in Filipino we call it tutong 
We usually don't eat tutong but when you're eating rice hotpot, tutong is what you're really after because all the flavor seeps in at the bed of rice at bottom of the pot. I love how they cook it to perfection because the burned rice is not so hard, it's actually very crispy!

I forgot what this soup is called but it's also good
Taiwan was cold that night with a bit of drizzle, it was around 13 degrees if I'm not mistaken so this is good for warming up the tummy

This is a complimentary bread worth NT$60 (If my memory serves me right)
The restaurant's matriarch gave this to us ^.^ She said this is their specialty Hong Kong bread, butter is inserted in between
We had a bit of a chat, I know we were in Taiwan but ironically I spoke more Cantonese words than Mandarin here because they're very friendly <3

Here's the calling card's back, they have the new version with a Facebook fanpage but I lost the new one =(

You may ride the MRT and drop off at Xi Men station
You'll go inside Xi Men Ting night market which is great for shopping sheer, frilly blouses for cheap prices
Victoria Restaurant is located in an esquinita, it's a very narrow street. What's eye catching is the second hand Louis Vuitton bags shop in front of the Victoria Restaurant. You know you've hit the jackpot when you look up and see the 'street sign style' of Victoria Restaurant (for reference check the very first photo above)

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