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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum

Oops, I might have a memory lapse,
Before I forget, I also bought L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum in Taiwan =p
This is the only thing I bought in Watson's in Shu Lin

The boxes are fully sealed with tape and L'oreal Taiwan placed small sensor bar code plastics so if you steal them the Watson's  alarmed would go off and you'd get caught. 

This shows that these are the same products shipped to Japan because there are also instructions in Japanese and Chinese. This is different from the batch Philippines receive because we get product boxes in English.

It says "Made in China"
But that's okay, it's L'oreal and they have quality control.
I wonder where the L'oreal products in the Philippines are made, I better check the counter soon and check the boxes!

Here's how it looks:
It looks like those test tubes you used to play with during science classes
The entire tube is made out of plastic which is very typical of lash products, but it would be cool to have a glass tube, eh? 

Here's how the wand looks concave view

Here's how the wand looks convex view
The wand is made out of plastic with a thin coat of sponge applicator tip material- the one you often use in lipglosses
The wand is pretty much okay, it reaches the roots of my lashes well because it's very thin
It's also very easy to brush your lashes with this one and it coats your lashes with the serum well in one stroke
Love it!<3

Pardon me but I don't really have a before look because I started using this when I was in Taiwan so I didn't have the time to snap some photos up but for reference, this photo was taken last year around October 2009, I just curled my lashes here without any mascara

Here's another photo, hopefully you'll see my super thin and sparse lashes pulled up for you to see =p 

Here's how it looks now

I've been using this since Holy Week so that's roughly around 2-3 weeks already
I don't religiously apply this everyday and night, I usually skip twice a week because I want to give my lashes a breather but the serum is still effective in my case.
I did notice that my lashes are lengthened up to a certain point, I also apply this on my lower lashes and the fine baby hair grew! It became thicker and longer! <3
It doesn't sting my eyes even if I apply it on my lower lashes but I read some reviews where they said it stings their eyes =( You may also try it but apply with caution as L'oreal didn't actually recommend to apply this on your lower lashes, it's just that it works well for me ^.^
I know I love my Majolica Majorca mascara because it gives me longer lashes but after using L'oreal, putting on mascara becomes more effective, it makes my eyes look more dramatic more than ever! I can't help it but to look in the mirror and say 'Wow' 
Don't worry, L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum doesn't change your mascara's formula even if you layer this on first before your favorite mascara.

On the down side, if you're planning to acquire this don't apply too much serum especially in the morning because when it dries, it flakes. However that's not such a big problem as long as you don't apply excessive serum on your lashes ^.^


  1. Beautiful graduation gifts for girls..
    All girls like these cosmetics,I love too.

  2. you beat me to it, girl. haaa...
    now you made me wanna get it...

  3. haha loving the pictures! its soo cute~~

  4. this has worked for a lot of people, def sounds like something i should try. thx

  5. This sounds exciting! I can't wait to try it!

  6. this sounds great and effective and it's a new product in my local stores. I'm going to grab one and try it myself... hopefully I will have some lower lashes now, haha.

  7. @graduation gifts it would be a nice graduation gift! =p

    @shirley haha! try it, it's effective on my lashes

  8. @mr. pineapple man it's not as cute as your photo haha ^.^

    @Babybubblz your welcome! =) hope this works well on you too!

  9. @Marce try it! ^.^ it's a good lash product

    @shaynaJo haha! high five for girls who have almost non existent lower lashes like us! =p