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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Sealing Jell

Another leg of the Mentholatum Acnes product line review! ^.^
This is Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Sealing Jell

This is a spot treatment for acnes, it looks almost the same like it's facial wash counterpart 
It also smells the same lemony lime with a hint of mint that's actually a refreshing smell this summer ^.^

Here's how it looks like

Upon applying this on my zits, it feels cool and refreshing. It's not so minty but cool and refreshing would do well =p
I noticed that this doesn't work well alone but it works effectively when paired with other anti acne products.
I use the Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Creamy Wash then I dab my face with Shiseido Acne Lotion and top it off with the Sealing Jell before I go to sleep. The next morning you'll see your acne drastically smaller and drier <3

Just don't apply so much especially in the morning when you're preparing to go out because excess Sealing Jell will flake when dry. Just dab a bit, let it dry and do your makeup. This doesn't feel greasy or heavy at all; it's as if you didn't apply any ointment at all!

I'm glad I bought a back up =p 

I found another Mentholatum Acnes commercial
This time it's a Korean version
I'm not sure why the Sealing Jell looks off white in this commercial while it's really light green in reality.
Perhaps the white balance in the camera was adjusted as you can notice the overall film tone is pretty squeaky clean and white, the endorser's skin and white clothes are really really white!
Anyhoo, enjoy! <3


  1. *wide eyes*

    Right putting this on my list to try out one day

  2. thanks for the review!!! i used to use Neutrogena's anti-spot treatment and it did flake out the area I applied it, hehe, so i stopped using it.

  3. @Old Cow go ahead and try it ^.^ it's pretty affordable and it works decently well too!

    @Jennifer no prob! ^.^ i used Neutrogena too! I got it in Sasa but it flakes out after a while too =(

  4. Heya. :) I'm your new follower.
    Just a qns, I'm currently doing a review of this prdt as well, wld like to ask if it's okay for me to upload the 2nd pic that u took, with the plastic sheen still in-contact.
    I'll definitely credit the work to you.

  5. hi Angie! =) yup sure no problem with that...^.^