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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Creamy Wash

As promised here's a review of Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Creamy Wash ^.^
As much as I'd like to give you product details in English, I can't because the product details are in Chinese 
But I've been using the tube for several months so this review might be ample already.
I got my Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Creamy Wash in Taiwan when my mother and little brother visited my aunt there approximately a year ago... Then earlier this year around January we went to Hong Kong and we bought tons of these again. Just a distant past we went to Taiwan and bought tons of these again =p
Here's how it looks like when squeezed from the tube; it's light green in color
The consistency is smooth, heavy cream on my hand; it feels luxurious actually
The creamy wash smells like lemony lime with a hint of mint although the slight menthol scent doesn't translate to a cool tingling sensation.

Here's how it looks lathered on; although it doesn't look foamy and blown up like the one on the Japanese commercial below.

On my first few washes I noticed my zits are drying up faster! At one point my forehead was almost free of zits but as I used this more often, my skin became 'immune' so to speak, I get a few zits every now and then but the facial wash still does it's job on drying up zits faster. 
I don't know, this might just be my own skin condition, who knows, this creamy facial wash might work better for you <3
On the down side it makes my skin dry but that's easy to cure in this humid country.

I found the cute Mentholatum Acnes commercial on Youtube, hope you enjoy this too! 
The commercial is in Japanese but there's some Chinese subtitles below.
I first saw this commercial on TTV, a Taiwanese channel that's locally available in the Philippines,  TTV often broadcasts Hong Kong films dubbed in Mandarin.


  1. lol thanks for the review, the TV ad looks funny!! i tried this line's tube mask (acne-clearing), i borrowed this from my friend but i didn't find that mask worked for me :( but who cares, this stuff is cheap!!! :D

  2. no prob! ^.^ tomorrow's review will be on Mentholatum Acnes Sealing Jell <3

    Ooh they make masks? I haven't seen it yet though! I just saw the ready made sheet masks but it's quite costly compared to other masks, it's around NT$99 for 2 sheets!

  3. I'm currently using this facial wash and i love it. i bought it in Singapore when i went there. i only bought one tube since i got curious when i saw that it was leading in japan, i decided to try it. Problem is i can't find it here in the Philippines...