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Friday, January 29, 2010

MAC Summer 2010 Sneak Peek

MAC Summer 2010 collection is making a buzz in the beauty blogsphere so I'd just like to share the photo I've seen courtesy of makeupstash and the muse just in case you haven't seen these yet. ^.^ 

Are you buying this? Hmm... I'm not yet quite sold... 
I wish they'd create something more like the seahorse design inside the powder compact as the powder's design instead of just creating some print outside the compact- but then again if that happens I'd be too sad to ruin the cute sea horse design! Another beauty dilemma... Haha! 


  1. Interesting! I thought that the seahorse was the powder, lol.

  2. The seahorse is the powder... I think... Haha! =p I'm scouring for more pix to leak... Weeh!

  3. the nicest one for me is the seahorse compact ^.^