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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Etude House Romantic Beauty Box

Today I'm going to show you my new Etude House Romantic Beauty Box
Whew! I've been doing a whole slew of Etude House reviews lately ^.^

I got this as a surprise gift from my boyfriend, I don't know when he got this. Maybe he got this when I was still in Hong Kong because when I went to Etude House this Tuesday the only Romantic Beauty Box left on the shelf was the display unit =(

I'm pretty sure my boyfriend got this for Php198.00 as written on the Etude House rack =p

The design is very Anna Sui at a fraction of a price! I love that I could put a lot of products in such as my small lipstick collection, smudge pots, eye shadows and I could get it out immediately.

The plastic is quite heavy and durable, I'm pretty sure this wouldn't crack or crumble. The polish is like lacquer which I love, it makes the box look more elegant but just make sure you don't keep on scratching the surface!

While putting this on my palm horizontally it fits perfectly; it just looks so big on the photo but it's actually quite nifty so you could tuck it in the corner of your dresser perfectly.

Note: look at the photo above and check out the text written: "Babi Story" What does that mean? ^.^

But as an OC person this setup didn't last long because of the dust it could accumulate =(
I wish Etude House would create a Romantic Beauty sliding tray mini drawer so the dust wouldn't get in. I would definitely buy lots of sliding tray!

Here's the photo of the box ^.^


  1. thats so sweet of your boyfriend sis :)
    the box is so pretty, i want one too!!

  2. I want more! ^.^ It's like make up to your dresser... It prettifies the whole look!

  3. so pretty! :) what does it look like on d inside?

    sweet nman ni bf :)

  4. Oh it's just a plain rectangle shape box ^.^ yeah he got hold of one beauty box pa when I can't! =p

  5. huhuhu. naubusan ako. i want this! 3 nito! :p

  6. hahaha! di bale magkakaroon rin yan ng stocks and the Etude House hype will die down soon ;P

  7. oh so this is what the infamous romantic beauty box looks like!

  8. yup yup :p I swear it looks so Anna Sui!

  9. i agree it, an Anna Sui twin! :) your boyfriend is so sweet! i love boyfriends who support their girlfriend's cosmetic addiction! hahaha

  10. Yeah ^.^ I'm lucky my boyfriend can keep up with my addiction over make up =p