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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Alice, Say Hello to the Philippines!

Well, hello there pretty lil thing...
It's nice to see you... It's even better to hold you =p
I'm sounding like a lunatic! Haha
That's it I'm buying one Alice in Wonderland too! ^.^
One set left up for grabs!
I missed Stila's Barbie Palette so I won't let this go!
In the mean time let's all enjoy these photos and go "Ooh... Aah..."

Speaking of Book of Shadows...
This does look like a book now, cool book design cover

Back view
I love the gold embossed print and vintage pattern
I MUST have this!

I thought I would just be merely selling all the sets but now I'm really buying one =p

The colors available; comparing this with my BOS2 I would say the colorful ones have more variation in this set
The neutrals are almost the same but it's okay since I consume a lot of neutrals.

more Alice photo opts

Another photo opt, I used to love pop up books when I was young.
Now I'm combing both my love for books and make-up.

my fave colors are:

a lot of Alice in Wonderland

Plus 3 UDPP in EDEN! Hurrah! Eden will land the Philippine shores soon!
I'm buying one Eden also =p
I really shouldn't be selling make up, I tend to just buy the stuffs myself, ha!
Too late for that now...

Some nifty things Sephora included in the package, I'm checking out the brochure ^.^

Tadaah! Here's the Sephora box, indeed, The Beauty Authority...

Here's how it looks when opened...
Now I'm getting excited to watch Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland!


  1. Do you know how much will the Eden potion be? :) I'm excited to watch that movie too!

  2. Hi. Do you still have one left? I'd like to get it.

  3. @Bea I've emailed you the price =) I emailed it your email ad

    @Ida Eden is priced at P1300, one is already reserved so last piece left nalang ^.^

    @Anonymous hi ^.^ may I know your email so I can email you? thanks!

  4. Hi Chelle, kindly check your account. I have asked that deposit of P1,800 be made today. Ang gandaaa ni Alice.
    Thanks and best regards.

  5. @Dinna thank you very much po! ^.^ I've emailed you po kindly check nalang =)

  6. Hi. You can email me at Thanks.

  7. Hi, is the Alice still available? Text me - 09228766245. You can also email me @ Thanks.

  8. Hi Chelle! Is the Alice in Wonderland book of shadows still available? I'd like to get one sana. Please email me the details at


  9. Hi Gem! =) I've sent you an email na... thanks! ^.^

  10. Hi also like to get the alice book of shadows please sms me 09228872133 or email me