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Monday, December 7, 2009

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. 2

Yipee! I really am very happy that I got my Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume 2, I cannot stress the looonnngggg waiting time before I got this, I ordered since mid September and I just got it early December. I personally would not repurchase from the same seller; I won't be posting the seller's site or reveal whatever wrong that has been done. It's Christmas! =) Let's not let bad vibes ruin this festive season.

Sob! I can't post swatches on this one because right after swatching the first row on top, I itched like crazy and small itchy bumps appeared. I quickly removed it with make-up remover and the allergic reaction ceased. It is weird though that I don't have the same allergic reaction when I applied Ecstasy and Half Baked on my lids today! =p Lucky me!

I just might use Perversion tomorrow!
Sellout is a nice champagne color, in my opinion it looks lovelier than Stila's Kitten

Ecstasy looks like MAC Stars and Rockets, I was lemming for that pretty purple eyeshadow then I went "Ooh" with Ecstasy

Half Baked looks very gold and I have been finding a good gold eyeshadow
I can't wait to try Flipside!

Misdemeanor is a pretty and unique shade of green, I have not seen this blend of black and green eyeshadow
Homegrown reminds me of Book of Shadow Vol. 1's Absinthe

I haven't used the 24/7 Liners yet but I accidentally swiped Bourbon on and it went very smooth!

Look! It's the momma Urban Decay Primer Potion and her baby! ^.^ so cute!

First page in the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Mini Look Book
This is quite a neutral look and the Book of Shadows is very versatile; you could go for a natural look or go for the edgy look.

I like how subtle and yet appealing the silver shade on her lids

I like her lip color ^.^

This would be my favorite look; the smokey eye look done here is not the usual black and silver color combination; I think they used green colors and mixed it with Gunmetal  for her lids and eye sockets.

Really, I can hear the jingle bells, it's Christmas! ^.^

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  1. I got this for christmas! It's utterly fantastic. x