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Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's Christmas Time! 24K Nail of the Day

It is getting chilly here in the Philippines and it makes me feel Christmas is REALLY approaching! Of all the holidays I really love Christmas so today I am doing a gold version of my Christmas Nail Polish Collection; if you would recall I first did a classic red nail polish for the holiday season using Arezia's Nail Polish in Red.

Today I used two nail polish to create this look mainly Sasa's nail polish in light yellow; I just called it light yellow; I do not know if this has a name attached to it because I cannot see any name on the label except the ingredients. The second nail polish definitely has no labels on it (even the brand!) so I would just opt to call it the 24K nail polish.

First I coated my nails with Sasa's nail polish in light yellow and let it dry. Drying nail polish in a chilly weather is breeze so I love painting my nails during this season. As you can see Sasa nail polish in light yellow is quite sheer because you can still see through my nail.

Second, I dab the 24K nail polish on top of Sasa nail polish. I find dabbing or tapping better for even and dense gold glitter distribution instead of swiping the whole brush because most of the time the glitter would just go along with the brush.

Taddah! This is great, fun and easy. I usually cannot do elaborate nail art because I am very clumsy painting my nails but I'm sure this is a nice look for the holiday season.

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