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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fu Chi Dumplings is the Best!

Yipee! We went out to eat tonight. Last night we had a take out of fried dumplings and beef noodles from Fu Chi Dumplings in Banawe, Quezon City. Turns out their food tastes really really good so we went back there.

Fu Chi means good luck or hok khi in Fookien. The owners are Taiwanese who migrated here to the Philippines. Back in Taiwan they own their own food stall too so they also decided to open a food business here.
If one travels to Taiwan you would see these food stalls everywhere and hard working owners would personally cook and take your order. I had some encounter with those nice Taiwanese people and they are very nice and generous; when they found out we were tourists (living in my aunt's apartment in Shu Lin) they gave us several cups of milk tea for free- not the sweet and cold type; we got the real hot tea sloshed with milk that's soothing for the tummy during early cold mornings. What is admirable is that they don't have the bossy syndrome; they are the owners and yet they themselves work hard to run their businesses.

They have Bento Box set menus all are priced at Php120

My father ordered their fish fillet and the batter tastes a lot like the delicious street food found in Taiwan. When I saw the fish fillet, my eyes widened and my mouth fell open, it's the first time it happened to me! My father was offering me a piece of his fillet but I declined. In my mind I regret not ordering their fried chicken, I love Taiwan's fried chicken and I've been missing it like crazy for the past year!

We ordered their Fried Dumplings that has 15 pieces per order and it's just priced at Php90, pretty cheap right? But it is the most delicious dumpling I've tasted around

When we were having our orders cooked; the Taiwanese owner went inside the see through kitchen and cooked our food with quick hands cooking six orders of noodles all at the same time in separate containers. It's very obvious she has years of experience working in this business. I was just amazed; I haven't seen such efficient cooks/owners in years.

That's my father and his order of fish fillet, a lot are already eaten so they give generous servings of food

Here's another photo of the delicious friend dumplings, we ordered the Ku Chay variant (but I pronounce it Kua Tsai)

Ku Chay Steamed Dumplings

We also had Ku Chay steamed dumplings, they laced it with sesame oil or mua iu that made it more fragrant; I usually lace my steamed dumplings with sesame oil here at home when we're having hot pot but most Chinese restaurants don't lace their steamed dumplings with sesame oil and I'm glad Fu Chi does because it makes all the difference.

I had their Beef Noodles, the noodles are hand pulled I think; it does not taste processed so it's very chewy and fresh

They provide metal chopsticks; I thought it was cool because most Chinese restaurants here in the Philippines don't offer sustainable utensils and the tip was ribbed so you'll get a good grip of the food. Just make sure they're squeaky clean!

I'll be visiting Fu Chi Dumpling again and again! It's just a few streets away from my place for a great Taiwan food experience. Ho sek! Ho sek!


  1. awww thanks for sharing! I'm sure my hubby will enjoy this! He loves dimsum!!!!