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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Stila Smudge Pot Holiday Collection Surprise!

Today my boyfriend brought me to Starbucks in Paseo de Roxas corner Villar Street, he told me he was going to meet up with someone today so he tagged me along. Little did I know we were meeting up with Carla of! It was very very nice and sweet of her to work with my boyfriend for this surprise.

Carla handed me the Stila Smudgepot Holiday Collection! ^.^ Oh goodie!!! No wonder my boyfriend kept on telling me not to buy this one... Haha! I wished I could jump and shout for joy that time but I just squealed because I painfully needed to go to a comfort room that time and I took a lot of medicine for my cough and colds that lead me to feel drowsy and my knees were trembling already. Weeh!!! I now have a Stila Smudge Pot set! It has the Kitten, the shade I have been lemming for quite some time now since I have heard lots of raves on it and now it's at the palm of my hand! Not quite though, I told my boyfriend to hold it and hand it to me tomorrow instead so he could take me home, open this together since it is his early Christmas gift to me. (Though I opened the box already and looked at the Smudge pots, I did not open and try anything yet)

My boyfriend told me he ordered this just several weeks ago, wow! Carla has lighting fast shipping even if couriers are already full this time of the year! I wish I ordered from Carla instead of waiting for several months... Next time I know where I should order my Urban Decay Book of Shadows =)

To my boyfriend, thank you so much for the surprise! The thought counts and it is more important than the gift itself, I know you don't like giving me consumable gifts but you know I am quite obsessed with make-up now. Thanks for making me very happy today! ^.^

I'll be taking photos and swatches when I really get hold of it tomorrow! And maybe do a MAC Fluidline vs. Stila Smudge Pot entry?


  1. Your boyfriend's so sweet! Lucky you! Yes please do a comparison between those and the fluidlines. :)

  2. Hi Nina! =) Yeah he's so sweet ^.^ Haha sure I'll gladly do a comparison... Although I think Stila works better on me because it dries quickly and doesn't budge in a jiffy when I tried it on the counter once...

    But not all skin types are for Stila though, once in the Stila Barbie workshop in Rustan's there's a girl who had the Stila smudge pot applied on her hand and it quickly erased though she didn't apply any lotion prior to the workshop.

  3. Super lucky! ^.^ I thought my boyfriend was going nuts when I'm always talking about make-up haha, this is such a nice surprise...