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Friday, November 27, 2009

Nexcare Acne Patch

When my mother and baby brother came back from Taiwan this summer, they bought me this Nexcare because I was having break outs due to stress (but now my face is pimple free! ^.^) and as you can see on the photo I have not used all of it yet. This Nexcare Acne Patch has 40 dots you could use and I have only used 8 dots.

What Nexcare says:
You don't have to cancel all your date and hide in the room. Use Nexcare™ Acne Patch to get rid of your acne problem.
Nexcare™ Acne Patch is a water-based material that absorbs the oil secretion and pus from your acne. It also acts as a protective layer that prevents bacteria infection.
With Nexcare™ Acne Patch, you can treat your acne and meet your friends with confidence!

  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Prevents infection
  • Fast absorption of oil secretion
  • Soothes burns and aches
  • Convenient & easy application

My Review:

At first I was baffled at the thought of covering up my pimple with a rubber or gelatin like dot to the fear that it just might aggravate my pimple more. But I gave it a shot when I saw the kit, it was inside a sterilized pack and it includes a cute mini plastic tweezer- in pink! ^.^

Since the Nexcare Acne Patch kit was written in Chinese, I really have no idea on what kind of pimple to use this for; I used to use this at small pimples and it did not work so I thought this was just another marketing gimmick. 

When I tried using this on cystic acne, it really works! It absorbs the pus and it helps lessen your aggravated skin although I feel uneasy because I am always thinking my skin cannot breathe and I tend to touch it unconsciously but trust me, it's all worth it. I just use this at night when I am going to sleep so it doesn't bother me so much. When I wake up, the big pimple became smaller and you could see the pus absorbed on the Acne patch. 

I wish I could show you a before and after result but I do not have any cystic pimples right now (and I hope it is going to be that way from now on!) all thanks to Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Creamy Wash. Do not get me wrong when I say the creamy wash is responsible for my clear skin. For a long term pimple preventor I use the Acne facial wash to kill the bacteria and if I do break out and get cystic pimples I reach out to 
Nexcare Acne Patch. ^.^

I am not sure if Nexcare Acne Patch is available in the Philippines since I got 
this from Taiwan but you can ask Airvony if she could import Nexcare Acne
Patch from Taiwan since she's based there. =)


  1. Yours had 40 pieces? Hmm must get some from!

    I agree they work great for the cystic acne with pus in it but not so much for the bumps that had not pus.

  2. yup mine has 40 dots and there's just one size for that, try to get the purple box =) I saw on other blogs they've got the yellow box and there are variations on the sizes...

  3. Hi Chelle! Nexcare Acne Patch is now available at my multiply site: (",)

    There are 20 regular sized and 12 big sized acne patches for 300 PHP.