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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

L'oreal True Mach Super-Blendable Foundation in Nude Ivory

Tonight I will be reviewing L'oreal True Mach Super-Blendable Foundation in Nude Ivory, I bought this at Robinson's Place Ermita Department Store for Php900+, I'm not sure how much True Match foundation costs now though and if this is being distributed still.

I bought this when I was on my liquid foundie phase and I did not have any foundation prior to this so I wanted to get something that would blend and match my skin easily. I thought L'oreal's advertisement worked because it promises to match your skin tone with their slogan "Matches perfectly the tone and texture of the skin".

What L'oreal says:
  • "Matches perfectly the tone and texture of the skin".
  • Outstanding coverage without caking
  • Perfect colour without tide marks
  • A flawless finish, made to measure... Your skin simply made more perfect.

L'oreal True Mach Super-Blendable Foundation in Nude Ivory swatch on my hand

My Review:
First things first, packaging wise I like that this is packaged in a glass bottle with a pump dispenser so it prolongs the shelf life of liquid foundation; I actually used this for a year as prescribed on the back of the bottle. Like mascaras, liquid foundation is also notorious for expiring in a span of months because of its liquid component which makes bacteria breeding easily. I just find it weird that media does not prescribe throwing lip gloss or any other liquid product away except for mascaras and liquid foundation. The plastic cap is also made of thick plastic so you don't have to worry about it breaking.

Blending the foundation

The liquid foundation’s consistency is very good in my opinion. It blends very easily so you don’t have to tug your face just to blend this foundation. L'oreal True Mach Super-Blendable Foundation also has a slight shimmer to it when you will look closely- I think it has the same principle when you mix a bit of Red Earth’s Secret Potion or Benefit’s Moon Beam to your foundation to give you a bit of glow. What I love about the shimmer is that it sticks and does not fall off.

Taddah! Look how it covered my hand's green veins as compared to the first pic

What I don’t like about this product is that it settles into fine lines so if you have fine lines you might want to opt for a primer that fills in your fine lines. I have fine lines under my eyes and my forehead so this is a bit of trouble for me haha! Otherwise this is a great product if you are on a budget and you need a good foundation.

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