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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Peppercode's 20% off Sephora Sale

Hi girls, for us living in the Philippines who wants to grab the chance to enjoy Sephora's Friends and Family Sale, Pepper Code Manila will be ordering 10 items on Sephora until November 2 so if you want something in Sephora this might be a great chance to get it now!

Here's a link to Pepper Code's 10 slot list:

I personally wanted the Stila Smudge Pot Set badly but as my boyfriend says I have to control my spending on make-up and I've been asking tons of questions to Ms. Carla and she's very very nice, patient and understanding even if I haven't decided on buying anything yet (aside from the Stila Smudge Pot set which I'm exercising control over urges with). 

P.S. Add her up as a contact so you'll see the list! =) only 7 slots left! 


  1. Thanks for the heads up dear! Hope I can still add an order or two? haha im having a giveaway btw you might want to join! :)

  2. hi chelle! thanks for this!!! :) really appreciate the post!! :)

  3. Sush, your welcome! =) haha sure I'll check your blog for the giveaway ^.^

    Carla, your welcome! thanks so much too! ^.^ It's just in my nature to feel bad when I'm being entertained so well by a seller and then I can't find anything to buy hehe =)

  4. Thats so nice colors! I like how looks the second one! So true purple :)

  5. Hi Anastacia, yeah I really love this set! =) you can check this one out at and they have the enlarged picture. When I first checked it out, I stared at the pretty colors for a good few minutes haha