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Monday, October 19, 2009

My BRTC BB Cream bought from Taiwan is NOT fake (picture heavy)

Recently I read an online shop in Multiply saying that we should be warned about fake BB creams from Taiwan because BB creams come from Korea and not Taiwan. I'd like to commend the seller for putting out a public notice because it is hard to know these days if your beauty product is real or not especially if the price is very low (a good example is Mac Cosmetics). 

However, I'd like to clear out that my Php900 BRTC BB Cream I bought from my suki seller based in Taiwan is NOT fake. BB creams can be bought in almost all Asian market and it is imported from Korea. This is the link of BRTC Taiwan's website and it will show you exactly the same tube I have: 

Honestly, right now if you go to the server is down But luckily I bookmarked the link so it still goes to the page where I found my BB Cream. 

And I found another beauty blog by Ms. Jamilla and she has a photo of her BRTC BB cream box with the "Premium Quality" label: 
special thanks to Ms. Jamilla for allowing me to post the link to her blog article! =) 

Here at home my family watches Taiwanese channels and often I'd stumble upon shows advertising BB creams and the top two of the most popular and most advertised are BRTC and L'egere. 

Another proof that my BB Cream is not fake is that I've been using it since August everyday and my skin has never been healthier than ever. When I went to Hongkong my father bought me pure crushed pearls mixed along with other Chinese herbal medicine to flush out the toxins in my weakened liver that causes my unhealthy complexion and I always had pimples all over. I drank it and it became effective until my body got used to it and I broke out again. 

However when I combined the medicine with BRTC BB cream, the BB cream actually helped my skin become healthy again and it's more effective than the expensive crushed pearls I drink everyday. This quickly dries up my pimples and help maintain it that way. I still have small pimples but it goes away in one day or two.

here's an actual photo of my BB Cream 

and yes it has the "Premium Quality" label printed on the box

The label written on the back of the tube

When I went to Taiwan, I found imported products are posted with a sticker with Chinese characters imprinted on them because most Taiwanese cannot read foreign languages such as the Korean language; I find this very consumer friendly for the Taiwanese market and again it doesn't entail that this is fake. Later on I'll show you some other products I've personally bought in Taiwan that are super cheap and has Chinese labels too.

I peeled the sticker off to show that beneath the Chinese characters are Korean characters so you don't have to worry if it's fake or not.

The list of ingredients are written on the sides:

Here are my other Taiwan goodies that are rock bottom prices but are authentic:

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea 100ml perfume and a free clutch bag (and green tea colored gloves but I lost it) all for NT$500+
A separate product I bought is the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea 500ml Shower Gel

I'll admit the clutch bag is made in China but it's not fake

I think we don't have this Elizabeth Arden shower gel here in the Philippines in this size, we only have the small trial sizes but this is also real and it costs me around NT$ 100-200 only

Again, this has the Chinese label in order for Taiwanese to understand the description of the product written in foreign languages

Here we could see certain labels that I think I myself wouldn't doubt if this is authentic or not.

Another bargain I got from Taiwan is this authentic Shiseido eye lash curler which I only bought for NT$150
My curler has a different packaging and it is made in Taiwan for the Taiwan market. I went to Shiseido in Rockwell and I saw the exact same thing, the difference is that the packaging here in the Philippines is much more fancy and curlers are much more thin; the metal is thinner compared to what I own.

Where do I buy all of these bargains? At Jmart; I found it in a quiet city away from Taipei where my aunt lives for more than 10 years already and she took me there and I went crazy looking at all the products because of it's marked down prices. Jmart is located in a wet market in the morning and it transforms into a night market in the evening.

Sure if you'll check mall prices you'll see more expensive prices for these products but in Jmart, I think they sell the excess products unsold at malls.

I bought this at Watson's in Taipei 101 Tower and it just costs NT$300+ as opposed to the Philippine mall price that could go at Php900+

So there you go, a lot of beauty products imported in Taiwan are really cheap compared to other Asian counties, I recently ordered Majolica Majorca in Taiwan and if you'll check the Majolica Majorca Taiwan website it shows that it just costs NT$320 but it doesn't mean it's fake just because Japan sells it for a higher price.

Hope this helps you re-think about cheap Taiwan beauty products. When we think of beauty products in the Asian Market, we think about Hongkong, Japan, Singapore and Korea but we don't usually think Taiwan sells products way cheaper but for me that's the beauty of the Taiwanese market; you don't have much competition so when you enter a beauty store, you can shop in peace and you can go wild not worrying if the product you're thinking to buy will go out of stock once you take a step out of the shop. 


  1. That's interesting to know! I'll remind myself to stock up on beauty supplies when I'm there (whenever that will be! LOL) ;)

  2. Yeah go to Jmart! =) it's like a supermarket full of beauty goods haha, the store is not very fancy unlike Taiwan malls but it's very decent and clean, I like it coz you don't have to pay more for a fancy place if you're just gonna buy their product =)

  3. hi chelle! thanks for this very informative blog.

    You really made my day! (",) Thanks for trusting in me ;-)

  4. No prob Ms. Airvony! =) haha, of course, nothing bad happened to my face and in fact my skin condition became better so I can't find any reason to doubt if the BB cream is real or not :))

  5. Taiwanese women are top spenders when it comes to health and beauty. Annual sales in to stores like SOGO & Shinkuang are traditionally packed with buyers all day! A person spends an average of NTD10K in one haul. I know of officemates who spend an average of NTD25K-50K. The sales volume is enough to mark down prices and still leave huge profits for all.
    The chinese labels on these Korean and Japanese products are a must to indicate that they were legally imported into Taiwan. Taiwanese women are more "into" Korean and Japanese stuffs than American. Consumers has to know what they are buying. Goodness gracious, I never bought any health and beauty products in Taiwan that didn't come with either an English or Chinese description. That's scary.
    A plus to those who knows where to find the smaller stores that carry the same products that are sold in bigger stores. They can afford to sell items at lower prices because their rent and expenses are lower. Department stores spend more on marketing and advertisement that is why their stuffs are more expensive.
    I have some Taiwanese friends who are professional models and they get hauls by scouting the smaller stores or Watson's for great buys. I know so because living in Taiwan for more than a decade told me so. ^.^
    I hope this help put some minds to ease on using stuffs purchased in Taiwan.
    Enjoy great finds in Taiwan!
    p.s. I need to restock on lots of stuffs when I go back to Taiwan this year. =)

  6. great info! More evidence that cheap make up in Taiwan doesn't entail it's fake!

  7. should be wary about the integrity of make-up sold in Taiwan if they are just scattered in a box sold along the sidewalks at prices that are ridiculously lower than cost to produce it. btw, always check expiration date if possible. goodluck on your next haul!

  8. ...but i think that's common sense... haaa...