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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Taste of Japan in Tondo: Hapon Suzuki Japanese Carinderia

Paolo felt a bit adventurous so off we went to find Tondo's treasured Japanese carinderia.
We had a bit of hard time looking for the place since the sign board was tucked inside their makeshift room made out of tarpauline(?) my memory is pretty hazy with the roof. But we found it and we were so happy.
Ordered tonkatsu, katsudon and yakisoba. The orders are small but hey, so is the price so you can't complain much.
Tonkatsu coating is crunchy, the meat is soft and tasty 128076 haven't tried the katsudon though. The yakisoba is super yummy, there's not much sahog but they compensate it with a fried egg. Reminds me of my college days when I'd snack on Lucky Me pancit canton with a fried egg on top 128514
The downside is that it's in a carinderia setting, you'd eat with tricycles passing you by and the place mildly smells like sewer. If you're not so picky with the place or you just feel adventurous, then you'd enjoy this cheap thrill.

Hapon Suzuki Japanese Carinderia
Clemente St. cor. Hermosta St. Tondo, Manila 

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