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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pancake House Beef Tapa and Peach Pancake

I"m not a morning person but if there's one breakfast food that will wake me up, it's beef tapa. Just imagining that flavorful beef strips, garlic rice and sunny side up egg makes my mouth water.

Even though it's dinner, I opted for Pancake House' beef tapa and it did not disappoint. Turns out, it's one of their best seller. Beef strips are soft, juicy and flavorful. Instead of plain vinegar, this is served with pickled tomatoes and onions giving it a mild sweet and sour taste with a crunch texture courtesy of the onions. The sunny side up egg is cooked perfectly well, I don't usually eat the egg yolk but when this is served, I can't help it but to mix it all in. The garlic rice is a bit bland, I like my garlic rice with strong garlic flavors but it's okay considering how flavorful the tapa is.

We also got the peach pancake, topped with peach slices, whipped butter and peach syrup on the side. The whipped butter is so good that we ordered another dollop of it. The peach syrup is really good! It's not too sweet and yet the peach aroma stands out. I honestly prefer Pancake House' pancakes over IHOP's. IHOP is really dry and crumbly but Pancake House makes the perfect ultra soft and fluffy buttermilk pancakes. Yum yum!

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