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Friday, July 5, 2013

Stuff Yourself Silly at Sambo Kojin

Finally, a reasonably priced buffet offering fresh and quality ingredients 

Price is Php659 for Sat/Sun/holidays plus Php85 if you want to order unlimited drinks. 

The Good
  • Shrimp with a solid slab of butter and minced garlic and leeks wrapped in foil, this is the most interesting thing I grilled and the garlic butter seeps right through the shrimp, heavenly! 
  • Marbled beef dipped in BBQ sauce before grilling 
  • Pork slices dipped in sesame oil with salt and pepper
  • Yabu style tonkatsu, you get to grind the black and white sesame seeds and pour tonkatsu sauce over it
  • Shredded cabbage with sesame oil dressing 
  • Fresh sushi 
  • Korean glass noodles tastes really yummy
  • Tempura's shrimp is superb and fresh 
  • Gyoza packed with a lot of meat and less filler 
  • Ice cream with marshmallow and candy sprinkles, yum!
  • Cakes from Red Ribbon(?)
  • Brownie with a large marshmallow on top is superb, the brownie is chocolatey and dense
  • They offer slices of kiwi! To think kiwi is quite an expensive fruit 

The Bad
  • Blueberry 'cheesecake' isn't really cheesecake, more of gelatin lang 
  • Saw a small cockroach lurking on a chair and informed the attendants, kudos to them they immediately disposed the cockroach 

So far I can't think of any more downside since this is a really good dining experience for me. =)

Sambo Kojin- 15 West Avenue, Quezon CityTel. no. 3728846 or 9212873

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