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Monday, June 10, 2013

Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Body Mist Sunblock

Summer time may be over but don't forget to use sunblock! 

Back in college when I was shooting a documentary for my thesis, me and my thesis mates spend a huge chunk of our time basking under the sun and we'd get sun burn, my face, neck and arms would be hot, sore and red all over. That's when I realized the importance of protecting my skin. That's when I got to the habit of using sunblock to prevent wrinkles but I don't like the greasy feel of the usual sunblock, what do I do? Opt for the spray version. 

I got this at S&R in the pharmacy area for approx. Php999. Sometimes it also goes on sale, it goes Php100-Php200 cheaper so it's also a good idea to check it out during sale period BUT always check the expiration. This pack is value for your money, you get two bottles of the fresh cooling sunblock, one travel size ultra sheer sunblock and one Norwegian formula lip balm (my fave!).

I think the fresh cooling body mist is less sticky as compared to the original body mist. I tried both and I always go back to the fresh cooling variant. A can lasts me for 3-4 months. The travel size ultra sheer sunblock is very handy, it saved me a lot of luggage space and weight during my travels. I've been using Neutrogena's lipbalm since grade school and I was really sad when it was discontinued, I've been hopping from one lip balm to another but it's just not the same. Good thing S&R came to the rescue by offering this sunblock pack!

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